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Biology AT1 Coursework What I am going to do For my biology AT1 I am going to how the concentration of water and sucrose affects the rate of osmosis in a potato.

How I plan to do this To accomplish my experiment I plan to put as evenly sized places of pieces of potato into different concentrations of water and sucrose solutions. I will weigh each potato before and after each experiment so that I can calculate the in weight in each piece of potato by subtracting the start weight of the potato from the final weight after the experiment has been conducted.

Explanation of Osmosis Osmosis is a kind of diffusion involving water. Osmosis take place when two solutions (with ate least one solution containing water molecules) are separated between a partially permeable membrane which is a material that water molecules that are small can easily pass through but large molecules like sugar molecules are too big to fit through the gaps in the membrane and so cannot pass through.

Examples of partially permeable membranes are the cell membranes of potato's and most other plants. The water diffuses from a high concentration (one containing lots of water molecules) to a low concentration (containing few if any water molecules). The process continues until both solutions have reached an equilibrium and so are equal in concentration.

Preliminary Experiment Before I carryout my real Experiment, I am going to do a preliminary experiment on a factor that I am going to keep the same in my real experiment.

My preliminary experiment is to see what size of piece of potato I should use in my real experiment and also to see what roughly should happen in my real experiment so that I can compare the two to make sure there are no...