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Mansfeild park by Jane Austen

by her rich relatives. From the very beginning she is taught to feel obliged towards her rich uncle Bertram and Aunt by Aunt Norris and the only person who encourages and provides guidance is Edmund. ... for herself whether the person is intelligent or stupid does not matter, provided he is rich.Maria Bertram's choice explains this. There were many admirers but she choose Mr.Rushworth because he was ...

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This is an excellent review/summery/report on William Shakespeares' Alls Well That Ends Well

ifficulties of rejoicing about a "happy ending" that unites such an ill-suited couple as Helena and Bertram.An alternative dating, held by a minority of critics, places the play's writing in 1598 or e ... s been mixed, with both critics and audiences often sharing the displeasure with Helena's choice of Bertram. Its reputation has revived significantly in recent years, but it remains an unpopular and l ...

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The Effects of Group Size and Position on Vigilance in Young Adults.

wo seemingly important facets: Group size and position.One vital aspect of vigilance is group size. Bertram (1980) demonstrated this relationship in a study of vigilance and group size in ostriches (S ... o camelus). The purpose of the study was to investigate and predict the reasoning behind vigilance. Bertram operationally defines vigilance in ostriches as each time an individual raised or lowered it ...

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Personal essay on trip to Florida

d pieces of her southern friends and family coming together creating a giant mosaic named Keightley Bertram. I felt so lucky to be included in such a trip, adopted for a week by Keightley's family to ... ays.I crept out of the room quietly and tried to make my way through the cottage without waking the Bertram family. I stepped outside and onto the silky sand that seemed to stretch on forever. I jogge ...

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Inherit The Wind

The book "Inherit The Wind" by Robert E. Lee, is about a man, Bertram Cates, who is accused of teaching the theory of evolution in a public school, that only allo ... sealing wax, all shine, no substance!" Henry Drummond was comparing his story to the law that Bertram Cates had broken. To show that the law looked good, but really was bad on the inside, becaus ...

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Biology 2

Altenbach, Young Hui Chang, Dennis M. Cullinane, Juhn W. Hermanson, Farouk Muradali, and John E. A. Bertram. The journal was accepted on September 15, 1997, and the article that I used was on page 300 ...

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"Wants" by Grace Paley and "The Collector of Treasures" by Bessie Head

t she wanted nothing while he longed for that sailboat. The ex-husband always wanted to invite the "Bertram's" to dinner, so he can show off their wealth, but the ex-wife never did. She had nothing to ...

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