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The Magic School Bus

It was 6am, chilly and I found myself hungry. I was headed for the mountains, the Blue Mountains. Not that they were actually blue, from what I could see in the pictures, the mountai ... the pictures, the mountains appeared green, and large. Honestly I could say there was not a spec of blue to be seen. Apart from the sky of course, but then again it was rather cloudy when the pictures ... whilst standing up and I must admit that it was quite odd.Onward we traveled getting closer to the Blue Mountains with every passing second in our painted luxury coach. People on the bus soon became ...

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Warragamba Dam

Warragamba DamIn the area of Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains a total population of 4 million they all rely on the catchment of five major river sy ... ey all rely on the catchment of five major river systems- Warragamba, the Upper Nepean, Shoalhaven, Blue Mountains and Woronora. The main catchment being Warragamba Dam accounting for 80% of Sydney's ...

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Sensory details (Write about a memory and make it come alive to the reader through all 5 senses)

first summer I can possibly remember, my dad would take my sister and I out to our cabin up in the Blue Mountains. The drive always seemed so long. I can still remember seeing a particular fir tree a ... cabin. This tree was a sign of being close to the cabin! It was about 15ft tall, transpiring an icy-blue contrast which distinguished it from the surrounding forestry. The center glistened with a dim ...

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Discuss how the glass menagerie celebrates the human need to dream.

r wish is only that her children will be happy. She wishes to and dreams of emulating the glamorous Blue Mountains past in Laura. In her illustrious past Amanda recalls having numerous suitors, leadin ...

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1999 Sydney Bushfires

th fanned the blaze North towards the Central Coast. Easterly breezes also spread fires towards the Blue Mountains.Indication on the location of fires around SydneySource: Bushfire Book by Bruce McCli ...

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leaderships within people

k, so he had sleepless nights just to make sure that the fire was put out. The senior member of the Blue Mountains brigade, Bill McIntyre says that 99 times out of 100 Mr Koperberg's decision was righ ...

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