The Magic School Bus

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It was 6am, chilly and I found myself hungry. I was headed for the mountains, the Blue Mountains. Not that they were actually blue, from what I could see in the pictures, the mountains appeared green, and large. Honestly I could say there was not a spec of blue to be seen. Apart from the sky of course, but then again it was rather cloudy when the pictures were taken. As we stepped onto the luxury coach the school had hired I thought, "Damn, I could really go for some food right now."

While regretting that I had skipped breakfast I noticed something very odd. The bus we were on was not a luxury bus at all; rather it was a bus without seats, and without windows. How very strange I thought, from the outside it appeared quite luxurious. Later I found that the outside had merely been painted to deceive gullible customers such as myself, devious bastards.

Without concerning myself in regard to the state of this lowly bus, I returned to my original train of thought, why on earth did I skip on breakfast?

Cries of distress arose around me "I paid for a luxury coach, not a coffin with wheels!" Teachers were amongst those voicing their distress, however the bus driver wouldn't have a bar of it and growled, "Stop 'ur whining sit down and shut up". People threw nervous glances at each other, although total silence was observed after the driver's display of anger but their eyes said everything, "Where the hell are we supposed to sit?" The driver gave a satisfied grunt, turned around, faced the wheel and sat down. Obviously, without seats, the driver promptly fell on his ass. No-one dared laugh, but the pretty girl standing next to me snickered. Quick as...