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Gregor Johan Mendel

problems in the sciences. The monasteryalso held a huge mineral collection and had an experimental botanical garden and aherbarium (whatever that is). It was in that monastery, Mendel later wrote, th ...

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Seasons in botanicals

One of the uncommon plants in the botanical garden is the witch hazel. Witch hazels provide unusual interest at times of the year when ... n the garden to create an almost continuous display from September through April. Plan to visit the Botanical Center this fall, winter, and spring to see some of these remarkable plants in there full

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William Bartram and His Travels through the Southeastern United States.

1). At a very early age, Bartram loved to learn. He spent much of his time playing in his father's botanical garden and exploring the many resources of his father's personal library, the library of t ... e of thirteen, he entered the Philadelphia Academy, and at the age of fourteen he began a series of botanical expeditions with his father ("Early Life," pars 3-4). On these trips through Pennsylvania ...

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nations" in Horticulture magazine, March 2002. The city of Tucson, Arizona is home to three botanical gardens, including one that proclaims itself a "zoo, natural history museum, and botanical ... ow that with the right tools and knowledge almost any plant not native to an area can be grown. The botanical gardens are very helpful to home gardeners in desert area because they show that you can h ...

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Why Excursions Are Important?

ional goals they want to follow. Like students may want to become a botany student after visiting a botanical garden. They may even decide to become vets after visiting a zoo. Thus, the relevancy and ...

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