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A cross-cultural comparison of political attack ads in Brazil and the United States.

hosted, where he addressed to "the common people". However, It was in 1960 with Janio Quadros, that Brazilians started to witness the rise of the "marketer", a character that would become one of the m ... created during a phase of fast economic growth.After electing Janio Quadros for president in 1960, Brazilians had to wait another 40 years to choose another president. From 1984 to 1985, the country ...

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An applied environmental ethics 'case study on the Brazilian rainforest'.

s 50 percent of Brazil's territory, was home to only 3,5 percent of the population with the rest of Brazilians, mostly landless, congesting the coastal cities. Increased colonisation of this area (the ... onverted to hamburgers. Most of it is going up in smoke to augment the holdings of the 1 percent of Brazilians who own most of the country's arable land, the majority of which is not in use."Forces of ...

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Paraguay; facts about the country; I included photos,and a map.

Spanish. Guaran and Spanish are the official languages. Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Arabs, Brazilians and Argentines are some who have settled in Paraguay.About ninety percent of Paraguans ar ...

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le living in Brazil, most of them near the coast. The population is growing rapidly and half of all Brazilians are under the age of 20. By the end of the century, it is estimated that Brazil's populat ... rowing a fifth of the coffee, a third of the cotton, and all the tea. Traditionally the majority of Brazilians settled near the coast, but in the last 30 years the rapid movement from rural areas to u ...

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Childhood Experience

Like many Brazilians raised in the United States, I often felt like a fish out of water. My parents moved to t ...

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Modern Day Slavery in Brazil

Brazil for labor exploitation but the number of foreign victims is much smaller than the number of Brazilians trafficked from within the country. Most of the forced laborers are weary and desperate p ...

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The African Lifestyle

can culture has to offer. ReligionBrazilian religious beliefs are very diversified and amalgamated. Brazilians are well known for not being strongly bound to any religious affiliations, but since the ... nd conviction. During colonial times, there was no freedom of religion. All Portuguese settlers and Brazilians were forced into Catholicism and were bound by the doctrines of the faith. Not only were ...

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Kentucky Fried Chicken: Cultural Differences and Approaching Foreign Markets

of giving the middle finger. By not knowing the local customs, President Nixon surly offended some Brazilians. "It can be very offensive. In some cases, people have lost million-dollar deals." accord ...

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g on the word shame in Portuguese, Veloso succinctly concretizes the love-hate relationship between Brazilians and their sexy, fruit-donning default representative. Perrone's essay compares the artist ...

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