Kentucky Fried Chicken: Cultural Differences and Approaching Foreign Markets

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The knowledge of the culture in which you are working is extremely important in the business world. While some things you do or say may be laughed off others may cause irreversible damage. In the 1950's President Richard Nixon made a trip to Brazil ands greeted the mass of officials, media and citizens with the "okay" sign. While the "okay "sign in the United States is fine, that same sign in Brazil is the equivalent of giving the middle finger. By not knowing the local customs, President Nixon surly offended some Brazilians. "It can be very offensive. In some cases, people have lost million-dollar deals." according to Dean Foster, president of the Dean Foster Associates. In the Muslim world if the sole of the foot is shown it is seen as dirty, or in Bulgaria when you shake your head "no" that means you are listening. In Hungary when in business meetings even in the morning you would be served a glass of apricot brandy, but not drinking it would be seen as rude or untrustworthy.

When conducting meeting Punctuality means different things to different countries as a general rule, people in Germany and Sweden are usually on time, but in Spain, Costa Rica and especially Italy, people tend to be late. In some cultures giving gifts is an important part of business, yet you must know how to give it and what color to wrap this gift. In Asia wrap the gift in red or gold and give it with both hands and never open it in front of the person giving the gift if you receive it is one example.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has broadened its market by expanding to many overseas locations. To succeed in the international market, especially those which have been closed to western companies...