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Cornerstone of Success

Cornerstone of Success

"Oh god, how can I solve this?" John asked himself, walking out from his temporary office in Gulf bank head office at Kuwait. John headed toward the Starbucks Coffee shop located couple of blocks away from the bank. John ordered his favourite large double-double and relaxed himself in his corner table. He looked puzzled and with a sigh of despair, he was making note while sipping his coffee.

John Kudos

John kudos, a senior consultant at Amazon Consulting Inc. in Dubai, returned to his office after a short vacation to Hawaiian Island along with his wife Linda and his two lovely kids; Thomas and Michael. Once at office John was immediately asked to meet Terry Sandler (President of Amazon Consulting Inc.) and not to his surprise, Terry briefed this special assignment for John.

Ali's Concern:

Terry explained John about her recent meeting with the CEO of Gulf Bank, Mr.

Mohammed Ali and his deep concerns about the problems that exist in their organization and his request to find the reason for the high attrition rate and low profits of their organization. Terry asked John to fly to Kuwait as soon as possible and passed on the information she collected from Ali.

John collected some information from the Bank's website and other sources. He arrived at Kuwait airport, the place where he was going to spend next one week. A Marriott Hotel car was waiting for Johns' arrival and upon his arrival he was picked up and taken to the suite which was reserved for him.

Day 1 at Gulf Bank:

John started the first day of his assignment by a welcoming meeting with Mr. Ali in the CEO's office. Mr. Ali then introduced him to Mr. Kareem Abdullah, Vice president Administration &...