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Referenda - The case for and against

rous when important decisions are handed to the general public to decide.The disturbing rise of the British National Party (BNP), whose policies have basis on racist ideals, at the 2001 general electi ... fourth place out of six with 5% of the vote. It is here that real prejudices are exposed within the British electorate. Allowing the public freedom to dictate policy concerning emotional or subjective ...

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Racism within football/Soccer in europe and great Britain

still has had to acknowledge the presence of racism.UEFA,Fiffa, along with respective F.A's in the British Isles have sought to address this problem with campaigns e.g. 'Football Unites Racism Divide ... propose a financial strategy that could be used to tackle the problem of racism within football.The British public has always had an affinity with the game of football.It has evolved and changed from ...

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A brief history of the BNPThe BNP was founded in 1982 by ex-members of the National Front led by John Tyndall with the aim of building an openly neo-Nazi party.John Tyndall, t ... all those who have hereditary defects either racial, mental or physical."In 1989 the BNP set up its national headquarters in Welling, Kent. As a result of their activities and presence in the area, th ... e 8 stand for A and H: Adolf Hitler's initials.C18 and BNP members carried out attacks on Mansfield National Union of Mineworkers' offices and Tower Hamlets Nalgo (now UNISON)'s offices in 1992, as we ...

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Attitudes and Values

erson on the street will feel aggrieved by this. Unfortunately this has risen the popularity of the British National Party. Ironically those who arrived from the Commonwealth had older relatives that ...

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