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The road to independence

to fight for how they wanted to live. Through the warswith themselves, the French, Indians, and the British was a rough time for the colonies.The fist battle that started to Road to Independence was t ... the colonies.The fist battle that started to Road to Independence was the French and IndianWar. The British and the American Colonies waged it against the French and their Indianallies. In Europe the ...

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Throughout the colonial period, economic concerns and religious concerns shared the responsibility for the settling of British North America.

What was the Reason?During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the first British settlers came to reside in North America. With them they brought disease, religion, governme ... nial period, economic concerns and religious concerns shared the responsibility for the settling of British North America.One of the main reasons for British settlement in America was economic concern ... hich were ran by the merchants instead of the aristocracy because they now had more money. When the British finally managed to create colonies in America and they realized that the Indians were not in ...

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The development of modern Australia

n still did not recognise the fact that Indigenous Australians owned the Australian land before the British settlers came. In fact, it stated that 'aboriginal natives' were not to be counted as Austra ... countries.The commonwealth of Australia was a dominion of Britain, and Australians were regarded as British citizens until the end of the 1940s. Separate Australian citizenship was only created in 194 ...

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Land right problems of the indigenous people in the last 234 years

sailed the eastern coast of Australia and claimed possession of New South Wales in the name of the British Crown. 28 years later Arthur Phillip claimed the rest of the continent and the British monar ... out a legal representative, without laws, a legal system or a culture.In the case of Australia, the British settlers claimed that the indigenous people were primitive human beings that do not have any ...

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American History

There are as many British settlers as there are stars. With the Spanish cultures, and France making them believe in wh ... rom 2,000 to 20,000 in a short time period. Again, the French settlers would rather settle with the British rather than the Spanish. Secondly, a difference between the Northern and the Southern ... etween the Northern and the Southern colonies is that the Spanish's food supply was better than the British's. The reason why is because the Indians helped the Spanish in the Southern region and the B ...

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History of European Involvement in South Africa

the Dutch had a midway point from the Far East to England to utilize as a refreshment station. The British also periodically annexed the Cape at different times when it was thought politically correc ... nomically advantageous. The colony grew quickly as Dutch farmers and also later the eighteen twenty British settlers were settled to grow produce. Slowly more European contact moved into Southern Afri ...

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The policies and unequal treatment of Australian Aboriginals from settlement through to 1945. I got 90% in this take home history assignment!!!

Beginning in 1788, contact with British settlers initially led to economic marginalization, a loss of independence, and death by dis ... round 60,000 years before it was invaded by English settlers in 1770." Unlike earlier visitors, the British settlers immediately disrupted Aboriginal life, taking over good sources of water and produc ... and mining operations. This unfair usage of land was justified by the theory of terra nullius. The British colonists declared that before their arrival, all of the continent was terra nullius or unin ...

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Mistreatment of Native Americans

m the U.S. government.Native Americans had been an old culture in America 2000 years ago. The first British settlers, the Jackson Administration, and the Westward expansion had no right to remove the ...

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The History Of The Australian Governments Policies From 1788 To Today.

The History of the Australian Governments policies from 1788 till today.Before British settlers settled in 1788 at Botany Bay, there were native inhibitors (indigenous Australians ... here were native inhibitors (indigenous Australians or Aborigines pronounced in society today). The British Government developed policies after the landing of Captain James Cook on Australia's "Terra ... Terra Firma". Some of these policies were devastating to the indigenous Australians. When the British settles discovered Australia in 1788, they had discovered an undeveloped land and natives. T ...

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In reference to Land Rights and Criminal Justice System, how have Aborigines been disadvantaged by past government policies?

s stems from the legal concept from which Australia was settled in the 18th century- Terra Nullius. British settlers had claimed sovereignty of the land citing that its indigenous inhabitants had a sy ... d not recognised by the Crown; hence, the land belonged to nobody. Claiming the land as theirs, the British had ignored ATSI customary and spiritual law who saw themselves as 'guardians' and 'custodia ...

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North American Indian Relations with the French and the British

While the Spanish dominated South America, two nations struggled for control of North America. The British and French both competed for control of the northern territory and their relationship with t ... and their relationship with the natives was influential for establishing power in America. Both the British and the French responded to the culture and economy of the natives in different ways.When th ...

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How and why did the apartheid system come into existence in South Africa and how was its existence maintained and enforced for so long?

n them. The natives were driven back, but in 1806 Britain took over the Dutch Cape Colony, bringing British settlers to the area. This wasn't a real problem to the Boers, the earliest European settler ... right to own African land and slaves.In the late 1830's they migrated north and eastwards far from British Rule to establish their own independent republics, in the Transvaal and the Orange Free Stat ...

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The Freedom of Religion: America, the most diverse

to Britain; however, people realized that Britain's government did not pertain to the lives of the British settlers in early America, taking into consideration they were so far away, and so this is w ...

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Kenyan Independence fight against British Imperialism

Kenyan Independence MovementThe East Africa Protectorate was first colonized by British settlers in 1895 and with the creation of the treaty of Versailles in 1920 it officially cam ... es in Kenya, so they turned to violence to try to achieve their freedom.As time went on, and as the British continued to take advantage of their power, resentment just proceeded to build. Resentment f ... d. Resentment first appeared when the white settlers tried to control the area. The main reason for British colonization of Kenya was for strategic purposes�. If they controlled Kenya, they can ...

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