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od paper for a health class, but I wouldn't recommend it for a science class. Also you will need to bullshit some references. I suggest that you look up LSD research as a keyword.LSDThe use of drugs a ...

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WEED is good legilize it now-weed muffin recipe follows

shit that dosen't even effect their lifes like why they wasted a glimpse of their life to read this bullshit. get a fucking life, its not such a big deal. sit down, smoke up and chill out, whats bette ...

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Welcome to Hell!

9.95.The less you know, the better off we are. Job security. Think we're stupid? We are, but we can bullshit our way onto your desktop, because you're even stupider than we are. The truth is, you neve ...

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"On Writing": Stephen King is chosen as an author that has admirable writing skills

s. The three forwards represent the whole book and its teachings; he progressively gets rid of the "bullshit" and, "omits needless words." Reading this book made me appreciate all the reading I've don ...

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Legal writing and drafting: Plain English use in the law.

"We live in an era of unprecedented bullshit production. The more polite among you might call it poppycock or balderdash or claptrap, bu ... t works"To what extent, if at all, has the plain language movement been successful in removing the 'bullshit' from traditional legal English?IntroductionIn considering the question 'to what extent has ... ering the question 'to what extent has the plain language movement been successful in removing the 'bullshit' from traditional legal English?' it is important to take into account the audience to whom ...

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Account Billing Failed

te one. Hm, is there a hole in this bucket or what?! Guess now I'm just going to have to ramble and bullshit until it's long enough or whatever to elude your system. Hey, I think I'll give it another ...

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The Way I Am

of it lived, she is worth it! Go girl! But see she has a hard time of trusting time, time can be a bullshitter and we all know (u should never try 2 bullshit a bullshitter), but so far it's been stra ... way different, some for the worse and some for the better. But hey that's life, ur never safe from bullshit until ur dead and that my friend is a fact. But even that depends on how u lived ur life in ...

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The American Way

y as selling music to kids who are too young and impressionable to understand that these lyrics are bullshit, a perfect picture of the "American Way." On September 11th, a horrible disas ...

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Romantic Love Is A Pitiful And Shallow Thing

over minutes of staring into someone's "deep blue eyes". Love at first sight is the biggest hunk of bullshit I have ever heard, and I find it disgusting how society condones it so. Everywhere you look ... d I hate it when they claim to like another person because of his/her "personality"-- it's complete bullshit! Only bisexuals can make that claim. I guess there is nothing really WRONG, per se, with th ...

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The Trials and Tribulations of Bill

ion and I am degradation, this is my existence, my identity. My dream, my drive to survive all this bullshit is to one day be used to feed the mouth of a hungry child. You'll see the daily crap I have ...

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