Romantic Love Is A Pitiful And Shallow Thing

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Do you find it anything less than NORMAL when your best friend goes off and screws some hot chick or dude and leaves you in the dust? What the hell ever happened to platonic love? I personally think that the highest form of love is the kind that develops over years of friendship, not over minutes of staring into someone's "deep blue eyes". Love at first sight is the biggest hunk of bullshit I have ever heard, and I find it disgusting how society condones it so. Everywhere you look- magazines, books, movies- EVERYTHING is focused on love. With a few exceptions (i.e. "Simon Birch"), friendship is hardly dealt with at all, and there is almost always a guy or girl to get in between the friendship. Why do people take such short amounts of time to decide that they like someone? I think that is so fucked-up, especially since I do it myself.

Something is seriously wrong with humanity if a person cannot go for an hour without a thought of their crush or lover popping into their head. And as much as society would like to deny it, romantic love is almost 100% aesthetics as opposed to compatibility, which is evidenced by a startling lack of homosexuality. Obviously the boys playing cards and smoking their mary jane behind the 7-11 get along pretty damn well, so why the fuck aren't they going out with eachother? Because of a lack of physical attraction, THAT's why! Even if the girls having the slumber party and putting all that makeup on eachother can confide in one another and share secrets that they would share with no one else, they will still be distracted by the sexy guy in the wifebeater across the street. People DO care about looks, and I hate it when they claim to like another person because of his/her "personality"-- it's complete bullshit! Only bisexuals can make that claim. I guess there is nothing really WRONG, per se, with the concept of physical attraction...I just think it sucks when I am drinking with my friends and I know that in their drunken stupor all they are thinking of is getting fucked.