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This is an essay written for an entrance scholarship. the essay is about womens involvement in the canadian labout movement.

ns of political and legal movements, women slowly began to have formal equality. The lifestyle of a Canadian woman has gone through profound changes. More women began to join the labour market and by ... found changes. More women began to join the labour market and by the 1980's the majority of married Canadian women had a paying job. The arrival of women into the workforce began to change the perspec ...

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Economic 360 Automotive Industry

budged from last years figures according to CBC News (CBC News Online, 2004). Ken Georgetti of the Canadian Labour Congress says that the figures and forecasts are deceiving because the increase in j ... ily available parts or new accessories for existing models. A lowering of auto sales will mean that Canadians will keep existing cars longer and will need to maintain them resulting in perhaps in auto ...

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Importants Of HRM Functions

Planning and recruitment - To have a proper reconciliation between the two environmental forces of labour market (demand and supply of labour). To have an idea of their current configuration of their ... ir discrepancies between the current configuration and their required future configuration of their labour supply.b) Selection and Placement - This will determine who will or will not be allowed into ...

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George Vair: The Struggle Against Wage Controls Book Review

In 1974, under the Canadian government, Pierre Elliot Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada. At this time the ec ... ernment went against what was first promised during elections and created the Anti-Inflation Board. Canadian workers felt they were being treated unfairly and that Bill C-73 was criticism directed tow ... owards them. George Vair, a labour activist in Saint John, New Brunswick, was one of the many angry Canadians who felt Trudeau was “robbing” them of their collective bargaining rights. Georg ...

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Knowledge Economy

terms of pace related to different companies and countries based on the resources, capital, skilled labour etc. that is available (OECD 1996).Knowledge economy provides a new source of advantage to co ... countries are penetrating deep into developing countries for manufacturing of their goods for cheap labour like call centre jobs in Asian countries and our car parts are manufactured in 5 or more diff ...

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