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Violence in the Prohibion Era

, but 'fortunately the bullet, intended for his heart, was arrested by a copy of the bible which he carried under his arm.' The article includes a picture of the page where the bullet was stopped. Whi ... witch, without ever saying it in so many words, legitimated violence against saloons, Carry Nation carried the conviction that her violence was justified and that she resorted to violence only after ...

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An Essay dealing with the Age of Reform, known as the Progressive Era (1820-1860). Hits on the women, penal institutions, and the temperance movement.

s. Although it may seem like a reform the general population, the reform led to a wave of violence. Carrie Nation, the "woman with a hatchet," often destroyed bars and liquor selling establishments be ... des of not only opposition to the movement, but also the advocators of the reform themselves, i.e., Carrie Nation."America reform movements between 1820 and 1860 reflected both optimistic and pessimis ...

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American Women DBQ

ively. Many women backed the prohibition amendment. Two of these women included Francis Willard and Carrie Nation. Willard commenced the Women's Christian Temperance Union and Nation started the Anti- ...

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Carrie Nation

Carrie NationCarrie Nation was a woman who really believed that the consumption of alcohol caused al ... rs that were mostly women, who believed in "carrying the nation into sobriety", just as much as she Carrie did herself. Even though this seems crazy and a bit extreme carrie and her followers had good ... ced. The women were forced to deal with their irresponsible husbands and that is what I think drove Carrie to start this crusade of destroying bars as well along with thousands more women and children ...

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