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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

on, England in 1775, the seventh of eight children. Her father, the Rev. George Austen, her mother, Cassandra, and their six boys and two girls lived modestly at the rectory. Austen led a happy childh ...

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The importance of structure in "The Agamemnon" is a classic Greek tragedy written by Aeschylus.

owing the end of the Trojan War and the return of King Agamemnon. This play tells of the murders of Cassandra and Agamemnon-by-Agamemnon's wife Clytemestra. Throughout the play many aspects have a pro ... in which this is very clear is how both flashbacks and foreshadowing are used through the character Cassandra. Cassandra is Agamemnon's spoil of war, he took her as a victory prize after the Trojan Wa ...

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A short story I wrote for coursework about an assassin. 1 and a half pages approx.

ider." He began to slowly lift the lid again. It was his old gun, back from when he was a hit man. "Cassandra" whispered Brian, a tear in his eye, as he pulled the old gun out of its case.Again, he pu ...

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Discuss the portrayal of women in The Agamemnon

in the end her 'strength of heart' leads to her being able to 'strike' Agamemnon down and kill him.Cassandra also is shown to be strong, but in a different way. The Chorus call her 'much enduring' an ... Clytaemestra performs the ultimate betrayal to Agamemnon when she 'Struck him down' and kills him. Cassandra's description of Clytaemestra as a 'viper, double-fanged' seems to fit the portrayal of wo ...

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"More sinned against than sinning." Is this a more appropriate description of Agamemnon than Clytaemestra?

ot just as she insisted 'Justice' for Agamemnon's crimes. She was sexually Jealous of 'the captive' Cassandra with whom Agamemnon 'shared his bed' and this helped to drive her not just to killing Agam ... with whom Agamemnon 'shared his bed' and this helped to drive her not just to killing Agamemnon but Cassandra as well. One of the functions of The Chorus is to direct audience sympathies and they call ...

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English Task 2 - Equality

rits are getting away with it. One passage that expresses the inhumanity of wage gaps is written by Cassandra Commercia. Her article, entitled "The Wage Gap: Men, Women, and Pay", shed new light on th ... ther because there are only minor laws that hold discrimination from taking over. In the article by Cassandra Commercia it states that on average women earn 75 cents for every dollar that a man earns. ...

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False Love Part 2

ss. He kissed me back."What are you guys doing?" We both turned around to see Nick's little sister, Cassandra, staring at us. I smiled, "We were just talking." "Cass get the hell out of my room now." ...

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Ansel Adams

iam Adams, whose roots began in Thomaston, Maine, traveled to San Francisco in 1857 with his bride, Cassandra McIntyre. Here he developed a successful lumber and shipping business. He was a man of wea ...

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Cassandra is the daughter of Priam and a pivotal figure "“ the rulers of troy and a priestess o ... aits in terror the catastrophe to come, all of its strokes in a precisely predicted order. Although Cassandra is misinterpreted as a mad woman, she is a powerful character foretelling the doom of Agam ... herself through visions of a curse upon Agamemnon's household and the fate of Agamemnon and herself.Cassandra is given the gift of prophecy by the god, Apollo. She is the character who foretells her d ...

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Influenced By Life And Dreams-Jane Austen

y members' characteristics to influence her own characters in her writing. Austen's closest sister, Cassandra, played many roles throughout Austen's novels. Cassandra was the eldest daughter of the Au ... s the eldest daughter of the Austen's and was a role model for Jane Austen. In Pride and Prejudice, Cassandra's life and characteristics are portrayed in the character Jane Bennet. Jane Bennet is the ...

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"Cassandra" The character of Cassandra in Aeschylus is one of innocence, hardship, and ... us is one of innocence, hardship, and victimization. Forced to the brink of madness by her visions, Cassandra could clearly see destruction coming, she could proclaim the warning, but no one would bel ... could proclaim the warning, but no one would believe her. Dismissed as a lunatic and a crazy woman, Cassandra was then doomed to live through hardships and horrors she had envisioned. This included Aj ...

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Euripides! master! how well yo

estra which could possibly be interpreted as disparaging. She is said to "maneuver like a man," and Cassandra exclaims, "What outrage--the woman kills the man!" The chorus asks her "What drove her ins ...

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Culteral Event

ied but he was alive. So they all rejoiced. At the Jellicle ball they waited for the Jellicle moon. Cassandra came to the ball and all the other cats left. She remembered when she was young and beauti ... to bring back Old Deuteronomy. It worked Old Deuteronomy was back. Then the night was almost over. Cassandra came back one more time. This time the other cats did not leave. But old Deuteronomy fell ...

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A Synopsis of Oddyseus' Trip

eeks, but the Greeks in the process, had dishonored Athena and angered her. They took a prophetess, Cassandra, who was one of Priams daughters, from a sanctuary that had been Athena's. They brought he ...

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Cassandra by Chrysta Wolf

In Cassandra and A Doll’s House, both Christa Wolf and Henrik Ibsen express their feelings of the ... , women are always going to be vulnerable, sensitive, and easily to take advantage of.Bibliography- Cassandra by Chrysta Wolf- A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

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Nightingale and the Men

In Florence Nightingale's Cassandra she presents a unique view of a "bored woman" in the 1800s. Her writing presents an ironic ...

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Aristotelian Tragedy: Clytemnestra’s Tragic Role in The Oresteia

ce to realize he is flawed. When Agamemnon makes his victorious return from Troy he proudly parades Cassandra, his concubine, before Clytemnestra and the chorus, acting extremely arrogant and disrespe ... e same cannot be said for Agamemnon; instead he embarrasses Clytemnestra in front of the chorus and Cassandra. His tone here is particularly blunt and demeaning: "Do not pamper me like a woman, nor gr ...

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Tragic Hero

order to safely travel to Troy. When he returns from battle he brings with him the Trojan princess, Cassandra, as a prize. There is where Cassandra speaks of her prophesies of murder in the royal hous ... is eventually avenged by his son. Revenge is what fuels Clytemnestra to kill her husband and slave. Cassandra and Iphigenia symbolize the innocence of the play since they are the petty women murdered. ...

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