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National Geographic film called Mysteries Underground

t from anyclothing would contaminate the pureness of the water. All the cave explorers are very cautious asto what they touch or where they step because some of the crystal formations are so fr ... nd very smooth ice formations that must be slid down verycarefully because if they are not taken cautiously you will pick up to much speed while sliding andfinally hit some kind of stone wall or ...

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Pre-employment Screening

applicants so they can choose the method that best fits their company's needs. Employers need to be cautious in the methods they use because they could cost their company to loose money, because of tu ...

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nd fronts put upAfraid to show fearTo any other peerShow weakness an lose respectSo you remain in a cautious stateNever putting the truth on the plateSwear you makin itBut never worked hard for shitI ...

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Budget 97 of Canada

As most economic and political experts predicted there were very few surprises, if any. This was a cautious and predicable budget that was every bit political as it was economical. With the Liberal ...

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This was an essay on aphrodisiacs. A list of alleged aphrodisiacs and their affects on sexual behavior, as well as definition and history.

esting some of these certain alleged aphrodisiacs to find out if aphrodisiacs do exist. I have been cautious of my own safety while testing. The closest I found to be an aphrodisiac out of the things ... sex every once in a while, but be careful of long-term effects such as flashbacks. Also be very precautious of bad trips. A bad trip is described as a horrible scary nightmare that keeps getting wors ...

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Is the Virtual Community of Any Value? If so what are the Advantages of Online Discussion Forums over Real Society?

vastly improving education, accessibility of knowledge, and human community. They are correct to be cautious, but I feel that they also miss the vital differences between this medium; i.e. the Interne ...

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Should teens be able to drive after being convicted of a DUI and what can be done to prevent it

nto consideration the severity of driving drunk. Once teens are aware of this, they would make more cautious decisions. Therefore, many accidents due to drinking and driving can be prevented.Setting a ...

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A Cry For Freedom: a rewrite of the earlier essay "Interpreting Langston Hughes". this one is much beter hopefully. Please post comments

gh his selective yet simple choice of words, Hughes leaves open many interpretations such as a more cautious, pleading term in "Silhouette" but in a much more spirited, demanding manner in "Democracy. ...

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The True Life of Charlie. Creative piece similar to half-life with major deviation at the middle.

The True Life of Charlie"Now entering delta red. Please be cautious exiting." Charlie Downs had grown accustomed to the ever so friendly voice of the Black Lab ... close the portal from there." -Replied Mr. Gerald"Are you sure Mr. Gerald there is no other way?" - Cautiously said Charlie"Sometimes in life we must go above and beyond what is expected of us Charlie ...

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Essay on the life of Paul Erdos

Hungary on March 26, 1913. His two sisters died right before he was born, so his parents were extra cautious. At age 3, he was multiplying 3- digit numbers in his head and at age 4 he learned about ne ...

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"The Odyssey "and the relationship between Odysseus and his son, the honorable Telemachus.

ight to be honorable and not lead another person on. On page 84, it says that, "...young Telemachus cautiously replied..." The use of the word 'cautious' proves that Telemachus is trying his best to n ...

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Historians of cultural identities.

Historians of cultural identities have to be particularly cautious in their use of historical sources. Explore this statement in relation to autobiographies.I ...

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Developmental Theorists.

es as optimistic or pessimistic, independent or dependent, emotional or unemotional, adventurous or cautious, leader or follower, aggressive or passive. Many of these are inborn temperament traits, bu ...

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Imagine that you have just been diagnosed as HIV positive.

with AIDS, as long as I could put dramatic effort into taking care of my personal health and being cautious when engaging in any activity. Because of the lack of effective vaccines and antiviral drug ...

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Whistleblower report/

irm managed to receive a 100% pay increase even though their work was unsatisfactory.Gary Brown was cautious in his approach. Instead of going public first, he compiled a report about the company deta ...

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What are capricorns are like.

g willed and calm. These hardworking, unemotional, shrewd, practical, responsible, persevering, and cautious to the extreme persons, are capable of persisting for as long as is necessary to accomplish ... at-ease, if not downright unhappy. They are somewhat self-centered but not excessively so, wary and cautious around people they do not know very well, preferring not to meddle with others and in turn ...

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Outline the case for and against the use of referenda.

the referendum is standing. Some countries have embraced the use of it while others have been more cautious, which reflects how they may suit the social dynamics of one state more than another. How m ...

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The War of 1812.

she abandoned her peaceful policy it was unexpected. The United States had, after all, maintained a cautious neutrality through successive administrations since 1789. The potential risks in changing t ...

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Causes of Tension Between Cuba and the United States, and The Bay of Pigs Invasion

ssuming that this charismatic leader would guide Cuba to democracy" (Cuba). Some Americans remained cautious in accepting Castro, however, primarily disturbed by his previously demonstrated socialist ...

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Critical Analysis of Business & Medicine Ethically

ct that a medicine and business model posses. Without resolving these specific concerns, we must be cautious about buying into Mr. Wick's theory that they are not only compatible, but also similar.Cri ...

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