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eromones.'Pheromones{fair'-uh-mohn} (from the Greek pher, 'to carry' and horman 'to stimulate') are chemicals released by organisms into the environment, where they serve as signals or messages to alt ...

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Critically evaluate the impact Behaviourism has had on Psychology

ed conditions and aimed to sort conscious thought into its basic elements as a chemist would with a chemical compound. This theory was known as structuralism.A particular critic of this method, in the ...

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Detailed description on the Element Iridium.

exceeded only by that of osmium, which is a fraction of one percent denser. it is extremely inhert chemically resisting even the action of aqua regia (q.v.) in its chemical compounds it forms divalen ...

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Critically evaluate the impact behaviourism has had on psychology.

ed conditions and aimed to sort conscious thought into its basic elements as a chemist would with a chemical compound. This theory was known as structuralism.A particular critic of this method, in the ...

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Should Dihydrogen Monoxide be banned?

rogen Hydroxide, Hydronium Hydroxide, or simply Hydric acid, is a colorless, odorless and tasteless chemical compound. It has a boiling point of 10ºC (212ºF) and a melting point of 0ºC ... ated with Dihydrogen Monoxide what could possible be the government's reasoning for the use of this chemical compound. DHMO is used as a spray-on fire suppressant and retardant, an industrial solvent ...

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Excersise physiology - energy systems explained, eg lactic acid etc

fuel is glucose.What is A.T.PThe Energy for muscle contraction which comes from the breakdown of a chemical compound named adenosine triphosphate (ATP)Sources of ATP: Protein, Carbohydrates and FatsH ... sually formed by fermentation of glucose, a carbohydrate, by a process called glycolysis. This is a chemical process in which glucose is broken down to pyruvic acid, and carbon dioxide, water, and ene ...

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How did calcium compounds affect the world?

ative and positive ways. Firstly I would like to talk about limestone. Limestone is a simple chemical compound formally called calcium carbonate ( Ca(Co)3) ). Limestone is found near dry areas ... words including equations.Bibliography: No Name "Calcium Hydroxide or Hydrated Lime" Peters Chemical Company. 2001 No Name "Metals Chart" Mineral Resources ...

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Percentage composition by mass of Magnesium oxide

xygen presented in air and in water provided. The result showed that Magnesium oxide formed through chemical reaction was made up of 60.19% magnesium and 39.81% oxygen, which is approximate proportion ... e proportion to each other is factual.Introduction:The law of definite proportion states that every chemical compound contains definite and constant proportion (by weight) of its constituent elements. ...

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History of Chemistry: Sir Humphry Davy

ted to electrochemistry, which is the science of the interaction or interconversion of electric and chemical phenomena.In the 1800s, Davy began to test the chemical effects of electricity. He discover ... related to the reactivity of the metal he used. His work led him to propose that the elements of a chemical compound are held together by electrical forces. He then tried passing current through molt ...

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The Solubility Curve of Potassium Nitrate Experiment Report

rateDistilled waterDescription of the Object of the ExperimentPotassium Nitrate:The chemical compound potassium nitrate is a naturally occurring mineral source of nitrogen. It is a nit ... cial) process of formation of solid crystals from a homogeneous solution. Crystallization is also a chemical solid-liquid separation technique.The crystallization process consists of two major ev ...

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Natural and Common pH indicators experiment

BackgroundAn indicator is a halochromic chemical compound that is added to a solution to determine its pH. It is a chemical detector for hyd ...

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Carbon Family

the ancients, and its discoverer is unknown. Carbon is used for steel and filters. (Bentor, Yinon. Chemical Elements. com-Carbon.) Silicon, meaning "flint", is the second most abundant chemi ... on Berzelius discovered silicon in 1823. It is used for glass and semi- conductors. (Bentor, Yinon. Chemical Germanium, like silicon, is used in semi-conductors. Unlike ...

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Is people's health the price for high-tech progress?

e I get interested to know more about this substance, so I started doing some online searching. The chemical compound trichloroethylene is a chlorinated hydrocarbon commonly used as an industrial solv ... liquid with a sweet smell. In industry, it is informally referred to by the abbreviations TCE. The chemical formula of Trichloroethylene is CICH=CCL2, with the molecular formula C2HCl3. The appearanc ...

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Carbon Dioxide content of softdrinks

1.0Theory1.1Acids and basesAn acid is any chemical compound that, when dissolved in water, gives a solution with a pH less than 7.0. It is als ... bases. Alternate definitions of bases include electron pair donors. Bases can be thought of as the chemical opposite of acids. A reaction between an acid and base is called neutralization. Bases and ... in water releases gaseous carbon dioxide at decompression:In simple terms, it is the result of the chemical reaction occurring in the liquid which produces a gaseous product.1.3TitrationTitration is ...

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Prescription stats

he brand name is simply what the manufacturer calls the product and the generic name represents the chemical compound of the drug. It takes many years, at least 20, before a drug can be manufactured a ...

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Genotoxic Agents: Heavy Metals

c agents, according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, these are "chemical compound[s] that [are] not produced by living organisms"�, this means that they are ... living organisms"�, this means that they are artificially produced by the man. Some of these chemical compounds are harmful to the living organisms and may highly alter or damage their DNA stru ...

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Teens and Marijuana

ists primarily of glandular trichomes collected from the same material. The major biological active chemical compound in cannabis is "tetrahydrocannibinol," commonly referred to as THC. THC is a fat s ...

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Australian Law and Society: Bodies in barrels

profile is unique; however, recent advances in technology have helped determine that only 1% of the chemical compound in our DNA is exclusive, but it doesn't mean it is inaccurate, rather, much more s ...

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INTRODUCTIONIn this experiment our objective is to investigate how chemical properties of different substances react with substances with different chemical properties ... ical properties.In this laboratory experiment we focused on making and recording observations about chemical properties in reactions that give easily describable results such as change in temperature, ... ntaining its metal ions. Using the data collected we will attempt to prove the hypothesis that some chemicals can replace another chemical in a compound because it is more active. At the end of this e ...

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lucose is a sugar that some bacteria can use because of an enzyme that begins the breakdown of this compound. Phenol red glucose (dextrose) broth is used to determine whether the microbe can use the s ...

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