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Life is Art

tory of how I systematically destroyed his outlook on life (and his opinion of me, atleast until he cools off!).'Life is Art, huh?,' I began, 'Impossible, it just doesn't work.' Slowly he raised his e ...

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report on redgiants and typeII supernovae

up. The fusion rate increases within the outer shells; this causes the star to expand. The surface cools, making the star turn red. The red colour increases causing the star to expand increasingly.Re ...

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Red Giant Stars.

up. The fusion rate increases within the outer shells; this causes the star to expand. The surface cools, making the star turn red. The red color increases causing the star to increasingly expand.Red ...

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My Special Place.


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Does WARM water freeze quicker than COLD water!!!

layer of ice touching the ice tray any heat is conducted away more quickly. Even when the hot water cools to the cold water temperature it will retain this layer of ice and so freeze solid more quickl ...

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Computers in everyday life. Discuss.

the room reaches the desired temperature the heating automatically switches off. Then when the room cools to a specific temperature it switches back on again. This everyday convenience is controlled e ...

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Why doesn't jelly set when fresh pineapple is used?

Basic Problem:Jelly is made from protein, gelatin, this is dissolved in hot water and as it cools, it sets. For a childrens party it was decided to make some fruit jellies, these were made by ...

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Deserts: How are they formed?

ure held on land. Absorbing the moisture the hot air rises, moving away from the Earth's surface it cools. This process of cooling creates clouds. Cold air in which the clouds are now in, can't hold a ...

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Natural Phenomenon or Myth?

e foehn of Austria is caused by the rising of warm, moist air up windward slopes and it expands and cools, thus collecting water vapor. After that it cools slower because its moisture is forming rain ...

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The Morning Time.

isk morning air to the pool, stopping only to grab a pull-buoy and a kick-board. Coastal California cools down overnight to the high forties. The pool is artificially warmed to seventy-nine degrees, a ...

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Atlantic Conveyor Belt System

or moves to high latitudes where it releases heat to the atmosphere. As a result of this, the water cools and becomes denser and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Most of the sinking happens in the No ...

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Properties of water and their importance to the natural world

enables life to exist on Earth.Oceans and lakes don't freeze solid because ice floats. As water-cools it expands at 0oC it is becomes hydrogen bonded to four other molecules creating spacing betwe ... s is greatest density at 4ºC. At temperature above this water expand as heated and contracts as it cools. The hydrogen bonding helps forming a lattice keeping four water molecules closer far enough t ...

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All About Water

it resists temperature change. Water therefore releases lots of energy in the form of heat when it cools. This property can keep cities warm or cool. Water is very important to cellular functions of ...

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Cooling of the Human Body with Respect to Vaporization of Sweat

les so that they can escape into the air, or evaporate. As evaporation occurs, the remaining liquid cools because heat has been removed from it to supply the heat of vaporization that is necessary to ...

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Weather and the Behavior of Gases: Physical Science lab write-up.

udent will then learn how to calculate dew point and relative humidity.To explain how air heats and cools, it is essential to know that the air is made up of many molecules of various gases. All these ...

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Wind Summary

to land because the land heats up more quickly. The other type is land breeze; it occurs when land cools off faster than the water it is near and the air moves towards the water creating wind.Monsoon ...

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Regional and Country Analysis-Japan

ines to major automobile producers in Japan. An aluminum block engine is a light weight engine that cools faster than a standard block engine. This makes the product an excellent choice for automobile ...

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the earth, the crystals are typically large. On the other hand extrusive rocks are formed when lava cools on the earths surface. The mineral Grain "Crystals" are usually small. Crystals are usua ...

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