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Life is Art

ash through the entire page! Smiling all the while, I handed him the page and headed off back to my cube.Could he let it go? Hell NO, he was determined to shoot my theory down. About an hour later, he ... t it go? Hell NO, he was determined to shoot my theory down. About an hour later, he appeared in my cube holding a new quote page. 'Life is like Art.' Smiling (I do that a lot!), I shook my head and e ...

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Hidden Faces Of A line Of Cubes

acesIntroduction: I need find out a formula for the number of hidden and visible faces of a line of cubes placed on a flat table. E.g. for a line of three cubes there is a total of 18 faces, 11 of the ... em are hidden. I will need to find a formula for a quicker way of working this out. I will draw the cubes and write up tables to help me to find the formula. I think that this is a good method because ...

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Agar Cubes

e it will be able to absorb.After this I found my materials and they were: bleach, a beaker, 3 agar cubes, and plastic ware. Then I placed bleach inside a beaker and then added the three agar cubes an ... added the three agar cubes and observed how they turned pinkish red. After five minutes I took the cubes out of the jar and I cut them open with the plastic ware. I observed that the smallest cube ha ...

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Liquid Ice Exeperiment

Aim: To figure out which soda drink (dark or light colored) will melt the ice cubes faster?Hypothesis: That darker colored soda drinks will melt an ice cube faster than lighter c ... da drinks.List of Equipment:* Beakers* Coke* Sprite* Red Creaming Soda* Ginger Ale* Stop Watch* Ice Cube Tray* Measuring Cylinder* ThermometerMethod1. First you will need to measure 10 mL of water int ... Measuring Cylinder* ThermometerMethod1. First you will need to measure 10 mL of water into each ice cube slot on each ice cube tray and put the tray in the freezer. This way each ice cube is the exact ...

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Increasing cell size lab - Science Probe 10

s:1. Copy table on page 352 in textbook.2. Draw diagram from page 352 in textbook.Observations:Data:Cube Length (cm) Surface Area (cm2) Volume (cm3) RatioA 2 ... r cell needs more oxygen and food, because it has a lower surface area to volume ratio.Questions:1. Cube B is 2 cm longer than cube A, and cube B also has 72 cm2 more surface area than A. Cube B has 5 ...

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"The Cube": Character analysis

THE CUBEThe Cube is a low-budget, science-fiction drama depicting the struggle for freedom in a futurist ... ool math student becomes an important resource as she discovers the numerical codes engraved in the cubes. With her growing power and importance in the group her confidence level rises and she starts ... 6;s all we’ve got left,” this statement summaries one of the main recurring themes in The Cube. It makes us question what it is to be a human being; do we fight for ourselves or with others ...

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SA/V Ratio

Hypothesis: The surface area to volume ratio determines the rate of undiffused volume.Materials: -3 cubes of 3% agar-phenolphthalein 250ml beaker (1cm, 2cm &3cm on each side) spoon Millimeter rule ... shown for these will be estimates.**The headings of the columns should be Bold.3. Place the 3 agar cubes into the beaker and pour the sodium hydroxide until the blocks are submerged. Very gently turn ...

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Investigation the Importance of Surface Area to Volume Ratio

.VariablesFor this experiment, the independent variable was the surface area to volume ratio of the cubes while the dependent variable was the time it took for the cube to become transparent. The cont ... he process of how acid was added to the beaker, the use of the stopwatch as well as how much of the cubes were covered with acid.MaterialsAgar jelly containing:- 0.1 M NaOH- Phenolphthalein0.1 M H2SO4 ...

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