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Assessment paper for Career planning.

Average interests were in Athletics, Organizational Management, Merchandising, Sales, Teaching, and Culinary Arts. The results showed I have a high interest in occupations such as an accountant, banke ... sts are in the field of accounting. One field I found very interesting that I scored in was that of Culinary Arts. While it is true that I do like to try to cook and bake things, I never thought of se ...

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This explains how chefs do to get started and what they do.

e the desire to cook. You also have to have patience to handle customers and their wishes. To get a Culinary arts degree you can go to Le Cordon de Bleu College for Culinary arts or Johnson and Wales ... cooking skills. You have to have a high school diploma and pass some tests to get in to colleges of culinary arts. A chef needs a certificate of experience that the student or chef gets from t ...

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heir entire life. From line chefs, to pastry chefs, there are many different types of chef's in the culinary industry. Some work in small restaurants located in tiny towns. Others work in large chain ... k in large chain hotels on tropical islands in the Caribbean. From salary to location, to your main culinary focus, there is a wealth of opportunities in culinary arts. What follows may help to unders ...

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French Cuisine

new ideas and techniques were introduced to the French cuisine. France is said to have begun their culinary art in the 16th century by the wife of Henry II, Catherine de Medicis. They brought persona ...

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Culinary Arts

Body My topic for the second career report is culinary arts. The reason I picked this career was that this was one of the jobs I was thinking abou ... to find that the schooling isn't as easy as one would assume. If you are serious about a career in culinary arts you must get a degree in it. A degree is made up of a variety of classes, which tally ... e state colleges and universities that you can attend to earn these credits but most people go to a culinary arts school. These schools specialize in culinary arts to which would help you more so then ...

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A Career In The Culinary Arts

A Career in the Culinary Arts The culinary arts provide many career opportunities within the food service industry. ... s field has become highly visible and offers the flexibility to work anywhere. Although a career in culinary arts requires extensive professional training and discipline, it offers a combination of ch ... it offers a combination of challenging and creative work and can provide real job satisfaction.The culinary arts are open to anyone who loves food, cooking, and a challenge. Although the majority of ...

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Find Out

r, but the summer came and went. Freshman year at PCT I was hoping to get started on my classes for culinary trades right away, unfortuntely I had to go throught the tour I wasn't able to start on my ... academics. It all wasn't one school anymore so I had to make choices, it was either band, music or culinary trades I could have both anymore. So I choose to go with my heart, I chose culinary trades. ...

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: 5 September 2013 First Term Reflection Paper Dana Alyssa J. Macarilay, IV-F The first term of Culinary Arts was definitely one of the highlights of the start of my senior year. I enjoyed every m ... us to cook outside of our comfort zone. I always look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays because of Culinary Arts, and hopefully will continue to do so for the rest of the year. I loved working with ...

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hospitality management courses

Factors Affecting Program Preference of Culinary Arts StudentsFor every incoming student, choosing the best program can be a difficult decis ... of the most common program is Hospitality Management. The CITHM offers five programs: Associate in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operation, Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management spe ... or of Science in International Hospitality Management specialized in Cruise Line Operation major in Culinary Arts, Associate in HRA, BSITTM , AITTM, CLOHS, and BSHRA.Many students became interested in ...

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