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Body My topic for the second career report is culinary arts. The reason I picked this career was that this was one of the jobs I was thinking about going into in the not too distant future for myself. I picked this because I think that I am an all right chef and I like cooking. This is one of a selected few that interest me right now and hopefully researching this career will help me in my selection for a career when the time comes.

After researching many college programs I have come to find that the schooling isn't as easy as one would assume. If you are serious about a career in culinary arts you must get a degree in it. A degree is made up of a variety of classes, which tally up to 67 credits throughout your schooling. You must also receive a C or better in each class you take.

There are state colleges and universities that you can attend to earn these credits but most people go to a culinary arts school. These schools specialize in culinary arts to which would help you more so then a university or college which wouldn't specialize in this field. Although this is not the only way to get a career in culinary arts some top chefs have also gotten an apprentice to teach them personally the skills involved in cooking. You also should take all the cooking courses they have to offer in high school if you already are interested in culinary arts by then.

A good thing for most people including myself if I decide to go into culinary arts is that you can pretty much work anywhere in the world or if you weren't looking to move you could just as well stay and...