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Journal Review: When Nothing Works

me moments of behavior specific, such as students' distractibility, coming to school unprepared, or defensiveness are unavoidable and cannot be linked to the student only for responsibility. In additi ...

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Experiential Family Therapy (of Carl Whitaker)

importance of individuality, personal freedom and self-fulfillment (pp.181).Thus, efforts to reduce defensiveness and unlock deeper levels of experiencing rested on an assumption of the basic goodness ... to discover what they really think and feel. In turn, it encourages them as a family to get beyond defensiveness and begin to relate to each other in a more honest and immediate way.According to (198 ...

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Opinion: HIV Testing Should be Mandatory

ly: it is a plea for mandatory HIV testing.Surely by this point in the article the typical American defensiveness and sense of immunity have kicked in. HIV mostly effects poor nations in Africa - righ ...

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Tunnels Of Chu Chi

gh his abilities, mostly because he's too contained with fear to step out from behind his shield of defensiveness and let the world see him for who he truly is.After one too many arrests for bar and s ...

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Singapore Telecommunications

ictable climate, we believe that a flight to quality is not enough - investors should also focus on defensiveness of earnings as well as sustainable dividend payout abilities and most of the Singapore ...

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Model of Self help

eement between the client's idealized and actual selves; better self-understanding; lower levels of defensiveness, guilt, and insecurity; more positive and comfortable relationships with others; and a ...

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Approaches to Clinical Psychology

this approach is to work through insights to improve daily functioning. Understanding and analyzing defensiveness and resistance to treatment is a third goal of psychodynamic therapy (Jordan, 2009).Th ...

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Significance of the Elements of the Communication Process and Misinterpretation

communication (Erven).DetractsThe lack of communication is the cause of personal and world strife. Defensiveness also interferes with communication (Erven).MisinterpretationThe point from where the m ...

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