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Simple paper on abortion

hree months of pregnancy. The causes of spontaneous abortions are not clearly established. Abnormal development of the embryo or placental tissue is found in about half the cases.Then there are induce ...

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Identify and describe some "teratogens" that can be harmful in the prenatal development of the embryo/fetus. Describe what the teratogen is, its harmful impact, and the long-te ... ld society do to prevent these harmful teratogens from damaging babies prenatal?During the prenatal development the placenta is supposed to provide nutrients and oxygen, and to provide protection from ... hich are "agents, such as chemicals and viruses, that can reach the embryo or fetus during prenatal development and cause harm" (David G. Meyers, Exploring Psychology), can bypass the placenta.A woman ...

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tor to an unhealthy fetus. The first trimester is a pregnancy is the most critical for survival and development of the brain. Women who plan on getting pregnant must have a proper nutritional diet for ... vitamin B deficiency, which also could be critical. By the time a poor diet is corrected, the early development of the embryo can be well underway. Taking less and less vitamins as the fetus grows cou ...

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Redefining Mortality: An Outlook on Human Cloning

r electric currents are then used to stimulate the reconstructed egg to commence cell division. The development of the embryo is then sustained to a suitable stage in vitro and then the resulting clon ...

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Extrinsic Factors in Xenopus Laevis Development

ction (Chung, 2005). The effect of a teratogen on the developing organism depends on what period in development the embryo is exposed to the teratogen (Jaeckel, 2001). The effect of a teratogen on the ... ffects of teratogens, whether deleterious chemicals or physical environmental factors, on embryonic development of Xenopus Laevis. Xenopus Laevis is a South African clawed frog, containing many featur ...

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