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buy Cherokees® seem like the coolest people in the world. The ads that show Sprite drinkers or Doritos's eaters as having a great time twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. I get angry at t ...

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Frito Lay Case Study

, dips, salsas, nuts and seeds. The company's range of branded products include Lay's potato chips, Doritos flavored tortilla chips, Tostitos tortilla chips, Cheetos cheese flavored snacks, Fritos cor ... inationsSalad dressings & condimentsBiscuits, snacks & confectionary Grandma's Brand cookiesDoritosCracker JackSun Chips, MunchosFristos, Tostitos, Santitas, RufflesPretzels, Chitos, Wow! Chip ...

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Thanks Alot Roberto

bank where Sims had warmed up and ate his food. He had brought pudding and a bunch of small bags of Doritos that his dad had left him for lunch over the past week. After they were done eating they had ...

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Memoir about a Giants game

hould be for the 2010 season. My dad found our tailgating friends and we started cooking and eating Doritos and Sun Chips. On my cell phone I was surfing the internet and I found out Giants star recei ...

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Learned taste aversion

2 is a 19 year-old female. She experienced a learned taste (and smell) aversion to cheese flavored "Doritos" when she was 10. She has had this aversion ever since she got sick after her cousin's birth ... had this aversion ever since she got sick after her cousin's birthday. She ate a large quantity of "Doritos" at the party and started vomiting when she arrived home, approximately three hours later. A ...

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