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The Physicalc Description Of Dry Ice.

The Basics on Dry IcePhysical DescriptionDry ice is a condensed compound in the atmosphere known to man as carbon ... ysical DescriptionDry ice is a condensed compound in the atmosphere known to man as carbon dioxide. Dry ice is used for many purposes. For example dry ice is used most to freeze, and keep things froze ... to freeze, and keep things frozen because of its very cold temperature: -109.3F or -78.5C (-51.5K). Dry ice is widely used because it is simple to convert to its frozen form and easy to handle using i ...

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The phantom of the opera

the audience back to a late 19th century opera house. With the use of heavy dark drapes along with dry ice, hundreds of candles mysteriously rising from the floor, the audience is made to feel all of ...

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Carbon dioxide

'.Carbon dioxide is commonly found as a gas and is never a liquid. It sublimes to a solid known as 'dry ice' which is used as a substitute for normal ice as it is a lot colder and doesn't melt.Humans ...

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by the feet tied off. The body is placed in a large brown box lined with Styrofoam and packed with dry ice. It remains there for seven days to slowly bring the temperature down. By the time the body ...

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Mac Beth

interesting. Another thing that was rather interesting was the fog machine and the caldron with the dry ice, which gave it that mysterious felling.I really enjoyed the costumes of the characters and h ...

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