The phantom of the opera

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Phantom of the Opera The Phantom of the Opera is Andrew Lloyd Webber's dark romantic musical which has awed audiences throughout the world. It is considered one of the three best on Broadway, along with Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. A mysteriously seductive atmosphere, combined with a strong pulsed musical score manage to keep the audience paralyzed with a sense of fear. From the chandelier falling over the audience to the infamous unveiling of the mask, the audience is a part of the show, thus enhancing the fear, pity, and passion that is masterfully portrayed by a marvelous cast.

The atmosphere is intriguing as it brings the audience back to a late 19th century opera house. With the use of heavy dark drapes along with dry ice, hundreds of candles mysteriously rising from the floor, the audience is made to feel all of the sentiments that one would feel in the original Paris opera house which was the inspiration for the novel.

The costumes are also meticulously designed to enhance the Victorian setting. One of the most important aspects of the set is the chandelier. It comes crashing down at the end of Act One with a powerful force which is not only visualized but is accompanied by a thunderous noise which echo's throughout the theatre.

The lighting is also masterfully used to enhance the magical yet mystical setting of the show. A large portion of the lighting is actually more like shaping the darkness. Unlike many other Broadway shows, the Phantom is a show which needs to use less lighting in order to establish the full character of the Phantom. Lights are used in a way that creates a shadowy feeling which helps bring out the mystery of the Phantom.

The cast is masterfully chosen for it's versatility.