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Being Muslim in Australia A personal reflection

hetoric that "not all Muslims are Terrorists, but all Terrorists are Muslims". Okay, so the IRA and ETA are atheist movements?I believe I speak for a lot of informed people when I say that the mainstr ... Like Timothy McVeigh wasn't a Christian Terrorist was he? Nor was Hitler a Christian Extremist, and ETA and the IRA are atheist movements. We all know the answers to these offcourse, but to other peop ...

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The Basque People and Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)

Spain for several years. From the group's formation in 1958 to their proclaimed cease-fire in 2006, ETA has been involved in hundreds of acts of bombings, assassinations, and kidnappings in the name o ... e country out of provinces in Spain and France. Having been operated in nearly 200 different cells, ETA has been one of the hardest terror groups to control and maintain. In its long and violent histo ...

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The impact of ICT in a social community

something has been postponed or cancelled. People say that buses don't arrive according to there timetable. They say that they don't know how long the journey will be. Also people do not know how long ... the computer can work out the distance of the computer from the bus stop. It can also work out the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). The community needs GPS because people don't know when a bus or tra ...

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Counter Terrorism Implications Involving an International Terror Organization

ter Terrorism implications involving an international terror organization such as the Spanish group ETA is numerous and far reaching and include crossing international boundaries and breaking into cul ... he hearts of those who reside in the region?The Basque Nation and Liberty, or Euskadi Ta Askatasuna/ETA, terrorist group has been operating on the border of Spain and France since its formation in 195 ...

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Self-Determination for National Minorities

chosen for this case study is Spain and they themselves have had problems with a group known as the ETA, who fights to gain self-determination for the Basque people in north-western Spain. In this ess ... many countries that have asked for self-determination. In Spain, the separatist group known as the ETA has fought for full independence and self-determination for the past four decades. They have bee ...

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“Primordial Deuterium And The Big Bang”

"Primordial Deuterium and the Big Bang" Craig J. Hogan A Review h, the Greek letter eta, is used to describe the amount of matter in the universe. Eta is the ratio of how many protons ... any protons there are for every neutron. Currently there is no agreement as to the precise value of eta, but Dr. Hogan's studies on deuterium may change that. Using high-powered telescopes and a lot o ...

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Rise Of Napolean

the press. Napoleon was put in charge of the military and he had a big rise in power called coup d'eta. The second Coalition lost against Napoleon and this was the first time in 10 years that France ...

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Spanish Terrorism

d as they walked by. Police said the attack bore the hallmarks of the armed Basque separatist group ETA.Police said three others, including a pregnant woman, were slightly injured.Esther Cabezudo, a m ... the street, was triggered as Cabezudo and her bodyguard passed beside it.Socialist leader maimed in Eta car-bomb attack By Elizabeth Nash in Madrid 20 February 2002 A Basque Socialist Youth leader was ...

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