The impact of ICT in a social community

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The community I am talking about is the town of Solihull including touchwood and the surrounding area. I will be talking about the impact that ICT has on a community. I will first be talking about transport.


There is a large need for transport in the community. When people who do not have any means of transport then the bus or train is very useful. Transport is quite a problem. It gets complaints from people who travel that the services for transport. Also people complain that there is no information available when something has been postponed or cancelled. People say that buses don't arrive according to there timetable. They say that they don't know how long the journey will be. Also people do not know how long they will have to wait for a service. There is a way to help this cause. It is GPS (global positioning service) the way it works is that they install it in a bus or a train.

This sensor sends a signal to a satellite that can then monitor the position of the vehicle on a grid reference. This information is then sent to a computer with a help of map which can help find the vehicle. The bus stop has a fixed position and this is a grid reference for the computer. Then the computer can work out the distance of the computer from the bus stop. It can also work out the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). The community needs GPS because people don't know when a bus or train will come. If the bus stop has a GPS system build in then people will be able to know how long they will have wait. This can help if somebody is in a hurry and doesn't have time to...