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eddings and a Funeral' and ignited strong controversy over its attitude toward heroin. Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor), the film's narrator, unleashes an overpowering verbal torrent that gets things off t ... other hand, are colonized by wankers. We can't even pick a decent culture to be colonized by.'Cast: Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremmer, Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee MillerCredits: Directed by Danny Boyle, writt ...

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This is a short biographie on cameron diaz.

ed in My Best Friend Wedding along side Julia Roberts, A Live Less Ordinary with Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor, and most recently There Something About Mary along side long time boyfriend, Matt Dil ...

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Moulin Rogue Movie review

proves to the world she isn't just an actress and a pretty face but a singer too and together with Ewan McGregor they create a musical masterpiece. Including songs from, the sound of music ("The hill ... ay". The cast are able to create emotion that can't be expressed in word but only in song.Christen (Ewan) is young romantic writer who has moved to the city to pursue his writing career even after his ...

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Film Review - "Big Fish"

d Bloom (Albert Finney). Narrated through flashbacks, the fabled escapades of the younger Ed Bloom (Ewan McGregor) become the reason for many heated discussions between father and son. In flight from ...

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Phantom Menace Vs Star Wars

d battle scenes where well worth the wait. Also it featured some big time actors with Liam Nealson, Ewan McGregor, and Natalie Portman. But the story, drama, and the weak introduction of Anakin Skywal ... pectfully. Harrison Ford's portrayal of a cool space drifter won the hearts of everyone to see ANH. Ewan McGregor had the same luck with his portrayal of a young Jedi apprentice, because he was portra ...

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INSPOTTING Screenplay by John Hodge Produced by Andrew MacDonald Directed by Danny Boyle Cast List: Ewan McGregor Renton Ewen Bremner Spud Jonny Lee Miller Sick Boy Kevin McKidd Tommy Robert Carlyle B ...

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