Imaginative journeys: "Big Fish" film.

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A journey is the movement from one place to another physically, spiritually, or mentally. Journeys broaden the mind to allow an understanding of the world. They draw us into a world of imagination and speculation and expose us to some sort of unfamiliarity. All journeys whether, physical, imaginative or inner involve one encountering and overcoming obstacles. The concepts of journeys can be seen in the film Big Fish through the use of symbolism and flashbacks.

Big Fish is a series of tall tales being told by Edward Bloom. As Edward tells his life story to his son, Will Bloom, the responder is shown the journey of life. Then, with each story he tells the responder is taken on a different imaginative journey which displays the physical and inner journeys of Edward's life.

Journeys can be seen through the use of symbolism. The fish is symbolic of growth and growth is both a physical and inner journey.

As Edward grows he is forced to take journeys into the unknown to reach bigger things. An example of a journey is when Edward leaves Ashton. As Edward tells the story of his excessive growth and his need to leave Ashton to search for bigger and better things both Will and the responder are taken on an imaginative journey. During the flashback Edward comes across an article about a goldfish living in a small bowl. This article allows Edward to draw his own conclusions about his growth and it becomes a catalyst for his journeys. The lines, "It occurred to me that the reason for my growth was that I was intended for larger things," show the beginning of a journey as Edward realizes he needs to leave Ashton. The responder is made aware of journeys as they are taken on an...