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Film Review of Romeo & Juliet (1996) Directed by Baz Lurhmann

Shakespeare adaptation. With the use of a modern setting in a fictional Los Angeles-styled city and fast, modern camera techniques Luhrmann does a great job of keeping the overall momentum of the film ... es Luhrmann does a great job of keeping the overall momentum of the film at a fast pace throughout. Fast cars with roaring engines replace horses. Guns stand in for swords and daggers. This is a side ...

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n, there was a president who learned a lesson the hard way. See the president loved cars, new cars, fast cars, slow cars, rusted out cars, it didn't matter, if he saw a car he wanted, he bought it. Mo ...

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New York City Adventure

ave to pay for parking. Another is that there are no gas bills. And since the city is so crazy with fast cars you won’t have to damage your car it will only be the taxis damage.      ...

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The Frozen Dog

girlfriend. Wow! Now there's a chick to take home to Momma! Not only is she a hottie, but she loves fast cars - especially my car, an '87 WE4. I bought this car new, just out of high school. It has be ... ly is. To remind me how very lucky I am. And to remind me that life can change in an instant....Run fast - but... run smart.

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Childhood Influences

ience the trip would be. I had been raised in a large, splashy metropolitan area where the pace was fast and frenetic. My parents were both busy, successful professionals, and we enjoyed every luxury ... ry luxury that money could buy. I was accustomed to 24-hour supermarkets, cable TV, cell phones and fast cars. Snap your fingers in LA and you have a choice of 50 movies to watch, 300 cable channels a ...

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Book Review : Hustlers Ambition

that time. School wasn't really that important to many people because of the temptation of driving fast cars lots of women and jewelry. Mike did in fact go to school though, he was a straight A stude ... from 110th - 155th other crews in the streets wanted to get down because the money was coming in so fast, they were moving more than 50 pounds a week after only three weeks, and were seeing over $50,0 ...

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Dangers of Dieting

look past alternative mean of accomplishing the same goal. America is used to living a certain way, fast. Fast food, fast cars, fast everything. It’s no wonder we want to lose weight fast as well ...

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The Representation of Bogans In The Media

bogans, or cubs) have a particular interest in buying various materialistic things- one of which is fast cars. In Trent, Trent expresses his taste for fast cars, talking about "the boys doing max doug ...

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