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A Clockwork Orange: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

rty million dollars at the box office, and was nominated for various awards; however, this esteemed film was outlawed from the nation of Great Britain in order to curb its immoral content from permeat ... as a novel, written mostly in Russian, by Anthony Burgess. Stanley Kubrick is known to critics as a film maker who probes the dark side of human psyche. Kubrick has also directed films such as Dr. Str ...

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Rock & Roll: Its effects on our culture

, state to state. Johnson was finally recognized for his influence and accomplishments in 1986 when film maker Taylor Hackford was composing a video on the beginning of Rock music. Hackford discovered ... and Roll was one of the first forms of music to be associated with records, radio, television, and film. With all of this publicity it would have been hard for it not to take off. Rock and Roll was t ...

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Andy Warhol: the American painter, printmaker, illustrator, and film maker

Andy Warhol, the American painter, printmaker, illustrator, and film maker was born in Pittsburgh on August 6, 1928, shortly afterwards settling in New York. The on ...

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This essay is about Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. I review the movie and see if Mel Gibson's directing efforts paid off like he wanted it to.

more and less than a movie. In one sense, it is less a movie than the heartfelt prayer of a gifted film-maker. In another it is a narrow and harrowing perspective on a story that, no matter what your ... ng perspective on a story that, no matter what your faith, is bigger than any attempt to portray on film.Mel Gibson has made this movie to convey his view of the last hours of the life of Jesus. It is ...

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How did Leni Riefenstahl contribute to the values and culture of Nazi Germany? Was Leni Riefenstahl a Nazi?

Few would argue that her artistic beginnings paved the way for such a talented performer, actress, film-maker and photographer. However, her career has been tainted somewhat with controversy: consist ... oined the Nazi Party. So what am I guilty of, tell me that?" - Leni Riefenstahl.Her job was to make films for Hitler, which she did successfully, but were her films documentaries, Nazi propaganda, or ...

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"When People Believe the Legend, Print the Legend"

(How American film maker's glorified the real truths of what the American West was really like. Based on the reali ... rick Jackson Turner "The Significance of the Frontier in American History" in opposition with three films, "High Noon," "Stagecoach," and "the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.")The mystique of the fronti ... rness.The biggest problem of the West for America is that the myths, created by stories and through film, covered up many of the unpleasant truths. Directors of western films, such as John Ford, have ...

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Feminist Film: JOYCE WIELAND The Passionate Director(ess)with Bibliography

allow form. Yet it was this feminist punch that underlay these political advocations throughout her films that truly struck the apple of my eye. A painter, sculptor, quilt-maker and film-maker, Toront ... her mother -her art was surprisingly joyous, but not without an irreverent edge. As an experimental film-maker, Wieland was a ceaseless innovator. In 1963, Wieland moved to New York City to join the S ...

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How do any of the film-makers that you have seen, during the course of this module, make the cinema itself, their primary subject of investigation.

The experimental works of Michael Snow and other experimental film-makers require the viewer to be of a certain intellect. The films to be fully understood and ap ... within the context of art history, and more specifically modernism.Michael Snow is one of the best film-makers in his league. He is one of the worlds two most highly acclaimed experimental film-maker ... o most highly acclaimed experimental film-makers alongside Stan Brakhage.Michael Snow is not only a film-maker but he is also a highly accomplished visual artist, musician, writer, Sculptor, and compo ...

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Andy Warhol ( the life of )

Andy Warhol, the American painter, printmaker, illustrator, and film maker, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 6, 1928 and died in 1987 in New York. Sho ...

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"Beneath Clouds" - Film review

a movie more than once, this was a bold and essentially rewarding move.Ivan Sen, the talented young film-maker behind the movie, who managed to successfully direct and produce the film, who wrote the ... uce the film, who wrote the script and screenplay, as well as composing the music, states that this film is in many ways a ‘reflection’ of his own life. Through the film, he has effectively ...

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Give a deep understanding of documentary and its modes, and how they convey ideas to the audience.

ntary While 'documentary' is the name of a genre, the term is used very broadly to cover a range of film types. What these texts have in common is that they all intend to persuade their audience to a ... eir purposes. And purpose is a driving force in determining the style a documentary will take. Some films may be created purely because of the passion and vision of a director, others may be produced ...

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The Last Emperor

The Last EmperorBernardo Bertolucci’s epic film, “the Last Emperor” tells the story of twentieth century China through the biography ... through foreign invasion and occupation, into a revolution and finally to a more modern society.The film opens in 1950, when PuYi is being held as a war criminal and tries to kill himself. This causes ... n years in both Russian and Chinese prisons until he was finally released as an old man in 1957.The film maker, Bernardo Bertolucci, is known to be a Marxist and we see a little of his political persu ...

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The Dreamcatcher by steven king

he could not use a computer. There is now another attempt to recreate another of his masterpiece by film maker Lawrence Kasdan. The question is did he improve the great novel or put it to shame. The f ... a Hollywood picture the director Lawrence Kasdan has created an excellent detailed and very graphic film version of the novel Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. In consideration to the detail it still did ...

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Eight men out

is an attempt to tell the story of how the White Sox were hired by gamblers to throw World Series. Film maker John Sayles brings in a variety of well- known actors to play roles of players, gamblers, ... ort role was 1-2 with a single. How did these guys contribute to throwing the games? In the film Buck Weaver is present during the meetings, but doesn't have the heart to take the money in ret ...

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Drugstore Cowboy: How the Film Denigrates Drug Use

"Drugstore Cowboy" is a film that portrays the story of the life of a group of people who are seriously addicted to various ... ortrays the story of the life of a group of people who are seriously addicted to various drugs. The film begins when Bob, the main character, is lying in an ambulance telling the story of how he becam ... h as morphine and Dilaudid both of which are controlled substances. Although many may feel that the film glorifies drug use, it seems obvious that issues such as crime, drugs, and betrayal are denigra ...

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Citizen Kane - innovative techniques varying from the use of deep focus technique, camera positions and angles shots

Citizen Kane, a classic American dramatic film, is considered to be the ultimate classic masterpiece and the world's most famous and highest r ... masterpiece and the world's most famous and highest rated film, as it is ranked the number one best film of all time. It was the first movie Orson Welles, a theatrical genius, co-wrote, directed, and ... nematography as it made cinematic advances and technical innovations on many fronts. A new style of film making was created with innovations varying from the use of deep focus technique, camera positi ...

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Comparison of Literature and Film: Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice is one of those cases where I liked both the book and the film, considering them both beautifully written and edited, but prefer the book due to all of the de ... the book due to all of the details and dialogue, much of which had to be manipulated of cut in the film, for various reasons. In my opinion, this book would be a dream to make into a big budget film ... m because there is so much material to work with, thus giving a high degree artistic license to the film maker. In this essay I will discuss what I think were some of the most challenging situations i ...

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Considering a non-Hollywood director of your choice, illustrate how the 'parts' of their work 'cohere' into an artistic identity or signature.

In this essay, I shall be looking at the Japanese film director Yasujiro Ozu. I will look at three of his films, including Tokyo Story (1953), Late Sp ... auteur, and how Ozu can be defined as one. I shall look at the elements of the three aforementioned films by Ozu which I believe cohere into an artistic identity or signature, and I shall also look at ... ating and creative source of the text" (1992: 191). The auteur is attributed to the director of the film, and this quote suggests that the author, or director, of a film is the most important factor i ...

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