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Torque lab.

PhysicsTorquePurpose: To save a doll using torque.Background info: Force: Weight: mass x gravity Gravity: ... Mass: Distance: Speed x timeIn this lab force will be applied as weight. Gravity pulls down matter to the center of the larger mass, which i ... matter to the center of the larger mass, which in this lab is the core of the earth. The amount of force created by weight is determined by how much an objects mass is. A heavy object will create mor ...

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Centripetal and Centrifugal - To find out in which direction an object flies off, if it is spun and then released and to investigate how the radius affects the speed of ta spinning object.

to investigate how the radius affects the speed of ta spinning object.Background info:Centripetal: force pulling/pushing an object away from the center.Centrifugal: force pulling/pushing an object to ... ) I think it will go forward because the objects inertia takes over the centrifugal and centripetal forces after the string is released. Inertia continues in a line of motion.B) I think if the radius ...

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'The Physics of Stopping,' is an answer to whether or not the statement "safety is not related to how fast you travel, but how quickly you stop," is true.

There must be a change in momentum. This change in momentum is known as the impulse. Impulse is the force acting multiplied by the time it acts for. It can be represented by the formula ∆P = F x ... by the formula ∆P = F x t, where ∆P stands for the change in momentum, F stands for the force, and t stands for the time. Looking at this formula you can see that when if the change in mom ...

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Investigating Hookes Law

kes LawAim: The aim of this investigation is to find out the relationship between the extension and force applied up to the point of distortion.Theory: Robert Hooke discovered a law for all elastic ma ... oke discovered a law for all elastic materials in the seventeenth century. Hooke found that a small force stretched a spring a little and that double the force stretched it twice as much. Hookes Law i ...

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Force of Friction Lab, Gr.12 Physics

an the coefficient of kinetic friction on a wooden block and a wooden ramp because it requires more force to get an object moving then to keep it moving at a constantDiagramMaterialsMetre stickStop wa ... riction.Sources of errors / improvements: The data collected could have led to wrong values for the forces of friction because both the wooden block and wooden ramp had lots of cracks and grooves on t ...

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Pavel Krymski Saturday, January 15, 2005 Science Lab

Can you design an experiment to find out the relationship between the extension of a spring and the force applied to it?PredictionMy hypothesis for this experiment undergoes the idea that the more loa ... I mean that the spring will not return to its original size.VariablesMass or the Load (Independent)Force in NewtonDistance of extension in centimetresClamp Stand, ruler, spring; (materials)MethodsThi ...

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How am U affected by the nature and impact of change

are going to delve into the world of change. But first what is change? Newton once said: "For every force, there is an equal and opposite reactive force." Everything is constantly changing; indeed, th ... burdens and responsibilities placed upon me, tying me down. This affects me in varied ways as I am forced to change my routines, social life and family life to make time to meet the demands of these ...

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Experiment #2: Forces

ng draped over a pulley to create the necessary acceleration. To understand why objects accelerate, force and mass must be defined. A force can either distort or accelerate an object. When calculating ... mass must be defined. A force can either distort or accelerate an object. When calculating a total force on an object, it is necessary to add the forces as vectors. Newton's first law of motion state ...

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Global and Domestic Marketing Paper.

organization. The external environment for global and domestic marketing decisions is comprised of forces that are part of a company's marketing process but is external to the organization. Those for ... ation's environment. An organization's operating environment can be analyzed by looking at:External forces. Those factors that an organization has no control over.Internal forces. Those factors that a ...

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Uniform Circular Motion.

s lab was to experimentally analyze the uniform circular motion by its centripetal acceleration and force and then comparing it to the theoretical value.Theory: An object moving in a uniform circular ... rcular motion has a centripetal acceleration that when multiplied by the mass gives the centripetal force, which is the force that allows for circular motion.An object moving in the uniform circular m ...

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Physics formulae for beginners

Electrical energy in the homeE = F/qE = electric field strengthF = forceq = chargeE = kq/r2E = electric field strengthk = 9.00 x 109q = charger = separation of charges ... hargeE = kq/r2E = electric field strengthk = 9.00 x 109q = charger = separation of chargesF = EqF = forceE = electric field strengthq = chargeR = V/IR = resistanceV = potential dropI = currentR = kl/A ... g = ma (where g is the gravitational field strength)g = aW = weightm = massF = mv2/rF = centripetal force (the net force on an object traveling in a circular path at constant speed. It is directed tow ...

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Newton's laws of physics

1. The first law deals with forces and changes in velocity. It states that, if an object is moving it will continue to move at t ... It states that, if an object is moving it will continue to move at the same velocity unless another force acts on it. If an object is motionless it will remain motionless unless another force acts on ... ll change velocity if it is pushed or pulled upon.* Firstly, this law states that if you do place a force on an object, it will accelerate, i.e., change its velocity, and it will change its velocity i ...

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The Physics of Car Crashes: Experimental Write Up

ty features requires basic knowledge of physics so I will explain some key terms in this experiment;ForceThis is an influence on an object, tending to produce a change in movement, shape or other effe ... leration (in metres per second per second). It is commonly written as F=ma. In this experiment, the force at which the car hits the wall must try to be reduced by simulating safety features.VelocityTh ...

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Finding the Spring Constant

bject is considered "elastic" if it can return to its original shape after experiencing a deforming force (Hewitt, 1987). For example, when an archer pulls back the string on a bow the bow bends. When ... the following equation:An interesting property possessed by springs is the relationship between the force applied to a spring (N) and the amount the spring extends (m) as a result of this force. Engli ...

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The Science Of Soccer

ays "An object in motion or at rest will remain in motion or at rest until acted upon by an outside force."� This law is displayed when the ball is sent in motion by being kicked. The foot (for ... g kicked. The foot (force) kicks the ball (the object at rest) and sends it in motion until another force stops it.Newton's 2nd law is the equation force times mass = acceleration. For example: if the ...

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Thrasymachus Claimed That "Might Makes Right."

s situation I believe the disciplines are equal to the POWER, and the consequenses are equal to the FORCE. Another example of this position, on a personal level, is the protection of yourself and your ... I do not!). There for it is unavoidable for us to have to sometimes revert to the use of power and force to ensure our own safety and way of life.In conclusion, we have used might in history to solve ...

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= distance divided by time with no direction.IV. Mechanical Advantage = The property where force is multiplied to make work more easy to do.V. Efficiency = The relationship between wo ... A simple machine that is used to lift loads or move cars.XIII. Newton = The metric unit of force.XIV. Joule = The metric unit of work.XV. Work = Force times distance.XVI. ...

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Coefficients Of Friction

a N Fn In a series of trials, the average block normal force is found to be 0.48(g), with an average external force of 0.349(g), yielding an average coeffi ... c friction of 0.727. Repeating the same test with a non-stationary block, with the minimum external force for continued movement, block acceleration was monitored. The average values of block mass, ex ...

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Coefficient of Friction

roductionThe component parallel to the surface with results from motion along the surface is called force of friction, denoted by f. This frictional force opposing the motion is due to the presence of ... ession of the two surfaces in contact interlock, giving resistance to motion along the surface. The force of friction where the object is still at rest to the point when it is about to move is called ...

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