How am U affected by the nature and impact of change

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How am I affected by the impact and the nature of change?

Good Morning Students, Mr. Drury. Today we are going to delve into the world of change. But first what is change? Newton once said: "For every force, there is an equal and opposite reactive force." Everything is constantly changing; indeed, the world is so ephemeral that one may argue that it is impossible to step into the same river twice. Given the inevitability of change, the inability to cope with and accept it will lead to a failure to deal with life.

My life revolves around the key aspect of change. I understand the nature of change; that is all change has causes, processes and consequences. As time progresses I am changing, and as this is permanent I can't reverse it's effects. Change affects me mentally, physically, emotionally, economically, politically, ideologically, theoretically and socially. In my life there have been many things that have caused change, many catalysts for this change, and various reactions to these changes.

Change can affect me positively or negatively, Change is inevitable and I am constantly striving to stay on top of changes. Change needs to be welcomed and embraced; other wise opportunities will fly past. Also the present is determined by the past, so to make future change easier, I need to be prepared for whatever life may throw my way.

Change can either be good or bad. I understand that all change has an origin. Something happens in my life, which triggers a change. I would compare my life to a see saw, I never which know which way it may go, or when it will be up or down. So I have to tackle these changes head on, face to face. As I have progressed through my schooling years,