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Corporate governance: Role of institutional investors

titutional investors, responsible companies are now examining their own practices and are following good governance practices. For investors it's a good reason to cheer.The growing dominance of equity ... iness so that there is an integrated and holistic system created for ensuring that transparency and good corporate governance prevail.Growing relevanceCorporate governance is on the radar screen as in ...

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What in your view are the challenges of transparency - the potential costs as well as the business benefits?

e root when the government is corrupt and no independent commission against corruption exists?While good governance benefits certain types of companies, others may lose out from it. Those which make m ...

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Define institutional investors. Do institutional investors exercise too much power in relation to corporate governance?

e boards and shareholders, top management, regulators and auditors, and other stakeholders".2.2 Why good corporate governance important?As refer to the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance (1999), ... the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance (1999), they are intended to reflect common criteria of good corporate governance:"A good corporate governance regime helps to assure that corporations use ...

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Risk Analysis: Rwanda.

Rwanda. U.S. AID programs in Rwanda continue to concentrate on health, food security, and democracy/good governance. Rwanda benefits from one regional program, the Education for Development and Democr ... le company dominates the import-export business. Instead, trading companies import small amounts of goods (one or two containers at a time). Many international purchases are conducted through irrevoca ...

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Fiscal Management, A Must for Us.

san and apolitical legislation, administrative measures to enhance tax collection and commitment to good governance to include citizens' active participation.We also have to take a second look at the ... side from Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA). Unnecessary expenditures must be stopped. An example of good governance and practices in fiscal management is Naga City. With the excellent leadership of th ...

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Management Planning Paper: Tyco International Ltd.

ent's part is needed to lay out the foundation and goals the company will pursue.Tyco believes that good authority requires not only an effective set of specific practices but also a culture of respon ... the firm, and governance at Tyco is intended to optimize both (Tyco, 2004). Tyco also believes that good governance ultimately depends on the quality of its leadership, and it is committed to recruiti ...

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Media and Corruption

the media can shape the climate of democratic debate and help the establishment and maintenance of good governance. That the media must be able to access public information in order to play this role ...

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The role of foreign aid in Australia

e globe. Australia's development assistance program focuses on the promotion of economic growth and good governance within the Asia-Pacific region. This agency is used as a bilateral way of giving aid ...

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Sustainable Issues and Marketing Strategy

Social justice ( poverty eradication, reduction of inequality, respect for human rights, democracy, good governance, partnership with civil society)3.Environmental protection( natural recourses manage ...

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Civil Society and Good Governance

Introduction:In what ways does civil society contribute to good governance? The question has resonance in the United States, since we associate civil society w ... t hard to see: the three of elements are moving targets. First, what it means for governance to be "good" is, of course, contestable-and the normative expectations leveled at civil society are many, v ... solidated, post-industrial liberal-democracy, and presents different challenges: those of enhancing good government and deepening democracy within the context of a large-scale, pluralistic, and comple ...

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Governing Board Responsibilities

here is a strong governance system in place. It permeates the organization and everyone has role in good governance. Good governance typically requires:•Strong, visionary leadership•Sound st ... report back to the board at large with findings and recommendations, or with results (Kennen, 2007).Good governance is always a matter of maintaining a balance among stakeholder voices. Bad governance ...

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Proposal for The Corporate Governece

the committee assignment are measured to verify if the independent of a director is associated with good governance such that high attendance is strongly associated with my " independent " measure or ... y is related to the gender diversity in top management.Dividend ratio, dividend payout is a good device to reduce the probability of firm to overinvestment.The fourth methodology is thoug ...

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Human Resource Portfolio

114.4 Reward and Recognition 115. Remuneration management5.1 Objectives 125.2 Pay Remuneration 126. Good governance in HRM 13-147. Conclusion: Overall Evaluation and Learning 15References list 16-18Ap ... uman Resource Director, who is an important and power people in the hotel. Finally, HRM function to good governance and an overall evaluation in the last part of portfolio.1. 1 Natural of the position ...

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EU as a Normative Power

the rule of law, human rights, social solidarity, anti-discrimination, sustainable development and good governance - which are different from the principles according to which the 'Westphalian system ... ciples through which the EU's normative power is said to be expressed - notably the rule of law and good governance - directly correspond to similar ones contained in the earlier nineteenth-century no ...

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Course Reflection (to teacher) - Psychology

ponsiveness Institutions and processes try to serve all stakeholders. Consensus orientation Good governance mediates differing interests to reach a broad consensus on what is in the best inter ... nisation. Strategic vision Leaders and the public have a broad and long-term perspective on good governance and human development, along with a sense of what is needed for such development. Th ...

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