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ge.'1 A simple directive spoken by God himself through Jesus Christ in theSermon at the Mount, this Great Commission has impacted a countless number oflives throughout the years. The command given by ... He saw the Indians that lived there as a labor source thatshould be Christianized and used for the greater good of the church. Theimplementation of his two fold plan had its difficulties; However, th ...

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The Silk Road Handicraft Co

GCCI am a man in full support of the "Great Commission Company" ideology, in fact one day I want to be apart of a company who holds these ... during much of his ministry, but this reference has little or nothing to do with the concept that a Great Commission Company holds, as Paul was more like a person who worked to provide for himself to ...

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Ten-Hut! Forward March!

When I first joined the armed forces of our great nation, I held up my right hand and committed the next three years of my life to defending thi ... examine today is from Matthew 28:1, "Go then and make disciples of all nations..." There it is: The Great Commission. I have a question, Christian soldiers, WILL WE OBEY?Evangelism should be part of t ... Graham festivals, that see many hundreds of the lost saved at a time. These are important, but the greatest way to win the lost is through personal evangelism. Sort of a referral method: think of the ...

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tics of the Mormon Church alike. Sides effectively evaluates the findings or lack there of, of this great commission by interviewing the skeptics, the believers and the ones who have turned away from ...

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Chruch Growth

and winning souls for Christ, discipleship and church growth has been our main focus. God gave the great commission for everyone to go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature, he that ... the future of its surrounding community is being revealed over the months and years. It has made a great impact in the lives of many people.Once positive outreach ministries such as community service ...

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With reference to the stimulus, analyse the Christianity as a living religious tradition in the lives of adherents.

lcomed by the community into the faith. This notion is seen in Matthew's gospel in the words of the Great Commission: "go make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and o ...

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