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ses that were initially concealed by flu like symptoms are now known collectively as the disease of Hepatitis. The disease of Hepatitis is actually by six different types of viral infections, namely, ... tis is actually by six different types of viral infections, namely, Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, and G. Hepatitis descries the destructive affect of the viral invasion of the body and liver by six and sep ...

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Hepatitis B most common serious liver infection worldwide is Hepatitis B(HBV). Once an individual is infected, and they may not even know it, transmitting it to ... and from an infected woman to her newborn during the delivery process. The transferring process of Hepatitis C(HCV) is only through blood. ( are five(5) hepatitis v ...

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Brief outline of Death and Diseases in the medieval era.

tal factors; illness; sickness; ailment'.Six examples of diseases are;-Cancer-Meningococcal Disease-Hepatitis B-Hepatitis A-Hepatitis C-Black DeathThese can be transmitted by touch, saliva, air (breat ...

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Digestive Function/dysfunction

er will describe the structure and function of the liver. A brief outline of the different types of Hepatitis will be given and how they are caused. The signs and symptoms of Hepatitis B shall be desc ... iscuss preventative measures, which should be taken by Health care workers to prevent the spread of Hepatitis B, and also the lifestyle factors and approaches towards health promotion which should be ...

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Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver cells which is caused by certain types of viruses (A, B, ... acute (lasts for a short period of time) or chronic (lasts for more than 6 months) [2].All types of hepatitis have some common symptoms such as jaundice, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, malaise, and pain a ... erious complications and that is because of the development into either fatty liver (in the case of hepatitis A) or chronic hepatitis (in the case of hepatitis B, C, and D) or may be accompanied by fi ...

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Viral Hepatitis

one wife, Kerry. He is a chef and worked at an upscale restaurant in New York was infected with the Hepatitis B virus. While helping an injured co-worker from bleeding Evens was cut on some broken gla ... o his doctor about the incident, to be on the safe side the doctor ran a few more tests including a Hepatitis B antigen and later diagnosed Mr. Dull with Hepatitis B.Dull, being a friend of mine and k ...

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The Wonderous World Of Body Art

soft tissue damage from body piercings. Some piercing complications include skin damage, infection, hepatitis B, and HIV. Even if you get something properly and profressionally done, it can still get ... risk of infection and allergic reactions. Transmission of diseases through getting a tattoo include Hepatitis B and HIV. Mostly Hepatitis B, but HIV is a slim risk also involved (Loomis, N.Pg.). The r ...

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There are many diseases these days that run rampant through the world; one of them is hepatitis. Hepatitis is an acute inflammation on the liver that is usually signaled by stomach upset ... n and jaundice. Jaundice is a yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes. There are many types of hepatitis, but there are two virus diseases in which hepatitis is the major effect. These two types ... rus diseases in which hepatitis is the major effect. These two types are hepatitis A, or infectious hepatitis, and hepatitis B, or serum hepatitis. It is these two types that are usually referred to a ...

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Ultimate fighting championship

r the competitors. Most people don't know that each fighter has a full medical exam, including HIV, Hepatitis B&C, and cardiovascular testing between bouts. These precautions equal or surpass the ...

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Infectious diseases

is predicted to steadily rise in the future.How are STDS Spread? Infectious diseases such as Aids, Hepatitis, and Syphilis are believed by many to be spread through sexual contact. While these diseas ... ing these diseases; many of which pose a greater threat than that of sexual contact with a partner. Hepatitis B, for example, can be spread through blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and even saliva. I ...

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seen.(Web sited…Never wrote it down) Sharing drug or steroid needles with may catch HIV and hepatitis B through someone who has the virus. The best solution for the needle problem is if you're ... spreading or the symptoms of the virus. The following viruses can not be cured: HIV Genital Herpes Hepatitis-B HIV/AIDS Hepatitis-B Hepatitis-B There is a permanent vaccine against Hepatitis-B as wel ...

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Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods

obin)Current and future GM products include:a)Food that can deliver vaccines - bananas that produce hepatitis B vaccineb)More nutritious foods - rice with increased iron and vitaminsc)Faster growing f ... pplications of GMOs include bananas that produce human vaccines against infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, fish that mature more quickly, fruit and nut trees that yield years earlier, and plants ...

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Body Piercing Complications

e contracted from the procedure itself. Meltzer (2005) states, "Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B or C, and even tetanus can be contracted from nonsterile piercing techniques. Although e ...

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Does Cerumen have a risk for transmission of diseases?(HIV, VHF or hepatitis B)

esent.So, it appears the danger is not in cerumen itself but in blood/mucous contaminant. CDC lists Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and Viral Hemorrhagic Fever(VHF) as infectious diseases by bloodborne ... f researchers, Beyindir, Kalcioglu et al. First article is on the study of possible transmission of Hepatitis B (ref 6), in which the authors conclude that cerumen can be a potential source of transmi ...

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Organ transplant - general facts

presence of HIV, active cancer or active infection. But there are still exceptions, patient who has hepatitis C and hepatitis B can donate to patient with hepatitis C and B respectively. In the case f ...

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Public Health and Teenage STD's

nnot be cured and are deadly ( The most common STDs are genital herpes, HPV/genital warts, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea known as "Clap" ( Treatment can cure ma ...

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Vaccines & their Functions

s (Levine, 2004). Other subunit vaccines contain recombinant protein antigens, as, for example, the hepatitis B vaccine. A particular class of subunit vaccines is represented by conjugate vaccines, wh ...

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