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The Trials of Becoming a Hero

rts out in Henry IV, Part I, spending much of his time in a tavern engaged in talk with robbers and hoodlums, therefore being looked down upon by the high society which he is supposed to live in. Whil ...

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Malcolm x

from school at the age of fifteen. Learning the ways of the streets, Malcolm became acquainted with hoodlums, thieves, dope peddlers, and pimps. Convicted of burglary at twenty, he remained in prison ...

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Gang influence

ontinue to face is the threat of gangs in our schools. A gang is defined as a group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit ( "gangs"). Most gangs are de ...

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Advertisement in Clothing and Messages in Hip Hop Clothing

ing how he is staying with his roots and not straying to the dominant style. In the inner city many hoodlums always stress how bad it is to sell out. The attention appeal is the third one; the ad is s ...

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A group of persons who work together or socialize regularly. 2. A group of criminals or adolescent hoodlums. We are all members of groups who work or socialize together regularly. The Parent Teacher ...

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the done fall of the once vibrant Argentinean economy. Investors referred to the government as "the hoodlums running Argentina". The countries economist Mr. Blejer is trying to drum up foreign support ...

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Rumble Fish

e theaters. Rusty-James, of course lives on the poor side of the river with all of the other hoodlums. In this book it was sort of hard to find a part that was your favorite at all becau ...

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The Big Heat analysis - expressionistic lighting, use of sets and decor, and costuming sharply reflected the personality traits of the film's major characters.

ro must erode his idealistic, law-abiding principles when he resorts to the unlawful tactics of the hoodlums after the tragic murder of his young wife by sadistic, viperous gang members led by a big-t ...

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