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The Micmac V.S. The Iroquois. The difference between law and government structure within these communities

Although the Micmac and the Iroquois Confederacy are both Aboriginal groups, they have many differences as well as similarities. ... held more territory in common than any other Micmac district. Their land was allotted by family.The Iroquois were a agricultural people. They lived in permanent villages in a domain now called souther ... daga, Cayuga, and Seneca. Tuscaroras migrated from Carolina and joined the confederacy in 1722. The Iroquois are bound in a treaty of friendship with the Ojibway to the North.The Micmac government was ...

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It gets you ready for the AP: test I helps you study history terms

1. Iroquois confederacy-Established in 1451 to control violence among indian nations in Massachuetts. M ...

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The Onondaga Indians and there way of life

Mohawk, Oneida, Seneca, and Cayuga to form the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, which is also know as the Iroquois Confederacy. Haudenosaunee translates to mean "People of the Longhouse," which refers to th ... and narrow bark covered houses that the Haudenosuanee (People of the Longhouse), also known as the Iroquois, lived in until the latter part of the 1800's. These homes contained one large extended fam ...

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Title: The seven years war Teacher comment:"your clarity is precise and your mechanics have improved."

le among the three principal powers in northeastern North America: The English, the French, and the Iroquois Confederacy, it confirmed England's commercial supremacy and cemented its control of the se ... the war largely on their own. Virtually all Indian tribes were now allied with the French. Only the Iroquois had seen themselves forced to the British side and they kept themselves as neutral as possi ...

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US Constitution vs Indian Constitution

The Constitutions of the Iroquois Nation and the United States of America are both similar and diverse. The Iroquois Confeder ... pting those ideas that worked for their main vision of democracy. One such prior government was the Iroquois.Borrowed from the Iroquois were the three branches of government, Power of Vito, Ill Leader ... sibilities, and inserts his spouse to cover until he is able to return. This is similar in that the Iroquois constitution states that if a confederate lord is ineligible, for example infancy, idiocy, ...

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How Did The Albany Congress, Stamp Act Congress, And First Continental Congress Cause The Colonies To Unite?

etween Britain and France. The main plan was to form a colonial defense and gain the support of the Iroquois Confederacy. They also debated an intercolonial government. Ben Franklin and Thomas Hutchin ...

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Analyze the cultural and economic responses of TWO of the following groups to the Indians of North American before 1750: Brits, French, Spanish.

in started off on a good foot with the Huron Indian tribes by helping them fight their enemies, the Iroquois Confederacy. A few shots by the white men's "lightning sticks" scared the Iroquois warriors ... y left immediately, leaving three dead behind, thus earning the French the lasting animosity of the Iroquois. This effectively hampered France's attempts at penetrating the Ohio River Valley. Under th ...

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The Warrior Maiden

The Oneida tribe is a Native American people that belong to the Iroquois Confederacy, which settled originally in upstate New York. The name that the people give th ... rage and self-sacrifice. The legend has a great significance for the history and the culture of the Iroquois and of the Oneida people especially.Thus, first of all, the story gives an example of a per ... ween the legend of the Warrior Maiden and the traditional culture of the tribe is the fact that the Iroquois societies were, for their most part, matriarchies. Thus, for example, the council of the tr ...

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Neo-Aristotelian Analysis of Chief Sagoyewatha’s Speech to Missionaries; 1805

requently wore an embroidered coat given to him by the British as a gift, was a Seneca Chief of the Iroquois Confederacy situated primarily in the North Eastern part of what is now the United States o ... e Six Nations. Extending east to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie and as far north as Quebec, Canada, the Iroquois Confederacy covered approximately 4/5ths of what is now New York State. At the time that re ...

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