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Polygamy: The Sacred Act of Marriage Redefined. Discusses

is an effective social arrangement.A culture that is known for its men having several wives is the Islamic culture. This practice is based on the teachings of the holy Quaran. According to these teac ... another wife just because she is younger and more attractive than the first wife. Looking back into Islamic history, the prophet Muhammad was married to a woman for twenty-five years until she died. H ...

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Research Muslim attitudes toward woman as based on the Qur'an and as actually practiced in Muslim countries today.

of the lower species. It was the introduction of foreign cultures that brought these views into the Islamic culture. The woman's role was a matter of fact in the Islamic culture and no one considered ... not shut behind iron bars or considered worthless creatures and deprived of souls.The woman in the Islamic society was able to do anything a man was permitted to do, but she had two responsibilities ...

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Don't Mind if I Do How Islamic culture was borrowed in part from pre-Islamic culture that had already existed

was left behind as each empire rose and fell, was not simply paved over and replaced by Islam. The Islamic culture, whether consciously or not, pick and chose from the pre-Islamic culture to help cre ... e pre-Islamic culture to help create its own traditions and values. The three biggest influences on Islamic culture were: existing Judaism and Christianity, the Sasanid Persia Empire, and pre-Islamic ...

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Values and Motivations of Islamic culture (Cover story, Time, Sept 13, 2004, Struggle for the soul of Islam)

What is the force, so strong yet so peremptory, that lurks behind the voluntary soul slavery of Islamic radicals? What makes the religious passion so superior as to flood, drown and suffocate huma ... light of the basic theories of value, motivation and culture.In some sense, the self-pollination of Islamic culture, value and relevant motivations has incorporated the Muslim Fundamentalists the worl ...

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One of the very important factors affecting successful integration is the anti-hejab law. From the Islamic point of view the hejab is made for concealing the attractive parts of a woman's body and co ... is very important to recognize the factual basis of humanity and how weak some people are! "In the Islamic hejab culture one can easily find the elements of realism, kindness, truth and perfection" ( ...

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Some Differences

, separate from religious point, the cartoonist and the newspaper had to have more understanding in Islamic culture, and their religion. What matters is not that Muslims ban drawing Prophet Muhammad, ... that Muslims ban drawing Prophet Muhammad, but that Danish newspaper lacked enough understanding of Islamic culture.The world is big and there are so many people, so many regions. Because not everythi ...

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Religious Extremism

like to study why extremists believe what they do so we can better prepare for them.Islam ExtremismIslamic history has been a product of culture and conflict. One strong root of this conflict comes f ... the struggle to live by the codes of Islam. The Greater Jihad, which is the more prominent form in Islamic culture, is the internal struggle to improve one's soul. Then there is the Lesser Jihad whic ...

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The Media's Unnecessary Impact on Western Views of Islamic People (Focusing on the Disney Movie Aladdin)

tact with them. This includes, but is most definitely not limited to women, especially those of the Islamic religion. Islamic women are portrayed in western media many times, as scantily clad belly da ... dancers, or women who remain silent, seemingly succumbing to the whims of their male counterparts. Islamic men are also almost always either villains or evil. A deeper look into the Islamic culture o ...

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Health And Human Deveopment

Fasting A Way of Life 1 Fiqh Session On Current Affairs 1 Fortune Telling And Uloo 1 Foundations of Islamic Culture 4 Fundamentals of Dawah 1 Fundamentals of Islam 1 Fiqh and Sunnah 1 How To Be A Bett ... of the Hearts 1 In The Light of Islam 6 Islam And Modern Challenges 1 Islam Questions and Answers 1 Islamic Culture Vs Muslim Culture 1 Islamic Law: It's Rationale 1 Islamic Morals And Manners 1 Islam ...

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Comparing Crucible With 9/11 Attack

After the terrorist attacks on America, people of Islamic culture have been derided, punished, and are terrified of. Clearly displaying the results of ...

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Discuss the influence of culture on health care practices, and how can nurses incorporate cultural sensitivity into their practice

e that the best way to maintain their mental, physical and spiritual well-being is to adhere to the Islamic teachings and the rules of Allah through practice and moderation in all aspects of life (Min ...

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Ornament of the World Book Report

on the world?(See Below)What was 'the ornament of the world'?The expression is a reflection of the Islamic culture of medieval Spain, which was in many ways the great culture of medieval Europe. From ... culture of medieval Europe. From about the mid-eight century until about the year 1000 this was an Islamic polity, centered in Cordoba, which at its height, in the mid-tenth century, declared itself ...

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Analyzing the structure of an argument

clashes of religious tensions are inevitable. The most extreme example of this is when Eastern and Islamic culture directly conflicts with Western culture, the latter of which Australia has largely a ... Muslim speaker called Mutahajid. This event was part of a 'Speakers' Corner' held regularly within Islamic gatherings. Due to the talk being held outside, there was a largely informal atmosphere, wit ...

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The Pesantren, the Kyai and Politics

daya and Yoneo 1999: 175). With the introduction of Islam, came the common practice of establishing Islamic schools to impart the teachings of Islam and to maintain an Islamic culture and identity (Su ... do not exist in Sumatra. Pesantrens are dotted all over Indonesia, including Sumatra.Pesantrens are Islamic boarding schools originating from Java. A pesantren always consists of a mosque, a Kyai (the ...

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Battle of Algiers: Reaction

ds avoid searching the veiled females, as is an outrage for a man to touch a woman in such a way in Islamic culture. The FLN saw opportunity in this oversight and use the veils as disguises when fleei ...

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Major Essay: Are Islam and Democracy Compatible?

f history"�. Yet not all states followed the example of the USSR. In particular, a number of Islamic countries continued under single party rule. Indeed authoritarianism remains the dominant po ... xamined by numerous academics, although Milton-Edwards asserts that the bulk of scholars posit that Islamic culture and democracy can co-exist and even thrive�. This essay studies the multiface ...

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