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Lester B. Pearson

emergency force whichhelped settle the Suez Canal crisis of 1956. When the Conservative Party under John Diefenbakerdefeated The Liberals in 1957 Pearson was out of public office for the first time in ... relations with US and Great Britain that Diefenbaker haddestroyed. Pearson became good friends with John F. Kennedy while trying to resolve the nuclearweapons issue.One of Pearson's major moves was th ...

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A description of the commencement and unexpected stop to the production of the canadian Avro Arrow by the US government.

world and was very lightweight. (The Arrow 23.)Suddenly, on Feb. 20, 1959, Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker announced in the House of Commons that both the Arrow and Iroquois projects were ca ...

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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Fire investigations.

plied Bill of Rights.The Canadian Bill of Rights, which the Canadian Parliament enacted in 1960 (PM John Diefenbaker) had many of these rights, but it was only applicable to the federal government and ...

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Biography of Arthur Slade (1 page)

other. This rising novelist would continue to write extraordinary literature such as a Biography of John Diefenbaker, a frightening novel, Dust, and an exciting thriller called Tribes. There has been ...

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The Right Honourable Martin Brian Mulroney 1984-1993 Progressive Conservative

ive Students' Federation while at Laval.o By 1961, Mulroney was a student advisor to Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.· Marriage: Mila Pivnicki (1953-____) in 1973.o One daughter and three sons. ... r.· Died: ____Political CareerDid You Know?Mulroney was a great fan of former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. By 1961, while studying law at Laval, Mulroney had endeared himself to Diefenbaker ...

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Minority Government in Canada

governments which have displayed interesting performances; William Lyon Mackenzie King's Liberals, John Diefenbaker's Progressive Conservatives and Paul Martin's Liberals.There have been eight minori ... September of 1926. ( shortest minority government that Canada has seen was John Diefenbaker's Progressive conservatives; only staying in power for a little under 6 months in 1 ...

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The Canadian Flag Debate

followed a keen interest in the debate while tensions were mounting amongst the English Canadians. John George Diefenbaker had taken an opposition towards Pearson's idea of the Canadian flag and that ... "Its a matter of complete indifference." ('The Great Flag Debate," CBC Learning)Conservative leader John Diefenbaker, insisted that the Union Jack be incorporated into the new flag to reflect Canadas ...

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Avro Arrow

ther Aviation giants in the world in that time period. Then, on February 20th, 1959, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker of the Progressive Conservative party cancelled the Ambitious Avro Arrow, due to "T ... rked for the A.V. Roe Company left to work in NASA. Another six would join them later. For example, John Hodge left the A.V. Roe Company after being laid off and entered NASA to become the flight dire ...

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