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Basic concepts and example in entropy (physical chemistry)

stals in the solvent, energy is required to be put into system in the form of heat, (increasing the kinetic energy of the system to dissolved the impure crystals .As the kinetic energy of the system i ... olvent molecules and the crystal increases,(since the solvent molecules is trying to dissipated the kinetic energy if has absorbed) eventually the energy supplied will be greater than that of bonds en ...

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Nuclear Fusion

ationFor a fusion reaction to take place, the nuclei, which are positivelycharged, must have enough kinetic energy to overcome their electrostaticforce of repulsion. This can occur either when one nuc ...

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An experiment to investigate the factors which affect the resistance in a wire.

). This is because they repeatedly collide with the moderately massive vibrating atoms losing their kinetic energy. The vibrating atoms having gained this kinetic energy now vibrate more. The resultin ... having gained this kinetic energy now vibrate more. The resulting increase in the average vibration kinetic energy is rise in temperature.Movement of charge carriers in any medium must necessarily be ...

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This is explaining fusion.

i must be produced. In a gas at extremely high temperature, the average nucleus contains sufficient kinetic energy to undergo fusion. Such a medium can be produced by heating an ordinary gas of neutra ... unit of positive electric charge. Deuterium-tritium (D-T) fusion requires the nuclei to have lower kinetic energy than is needed for the fusion of more highly charged heavier nuclei. The two products ...

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These notes explain some basic laws and definitions of energy in general and how organisms use energy.

EnergyEnergy - the ability to do work (move matter)2 types: Kinetic Energy - energy doing workex: heat (moving molecules)lightPotential Energy­­ - store ... sn't create energy, it converts it to a useable form; car converts gasoline (potential energy) into kinetic energy; we convert food into kinetic energy2nd Law of Thermodynamics: Energy conversions red ... andom molecular motion)ex 1: fuel in tank of car - all of the chemical energy that isconverted into kinetic energy will eventually beconverted into heat energy. When stopping car, thefriction between ...

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Physics trolley investigation

the only variable we will change, mass will stay the same. At the bottom it will have its greatest kinetic energy. This is because the gravitational potential energy (GPE) gradually turns into kineti ... al potential energy, as the trolley falls the gravitational potential energy gradually changes into kinetic energy because energy can only be changed not lost or destroyed. Gravitational potential ene ...

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Practical assesment about biology: To determine the water potential of potato tuber cells

is considered in terms of water potential and solute potential.Water potential is a measure of the kinetic energy of water molecules. Here, water molecules are constantly moving in a random fashion. ... with cell membrane, cell wall, creating a pressure on it known as water potential. The higher their kinetic energy the more they move and hits the membrane, therefore higher the water potential. Water ...

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Physics Coursework 2004 Table Tennis Ball Experiment

ch other away forcing the ball to bounce higher. A theory, which links into this experiment, is the kinetic theory. This is because the kinetic theory deals with atoms vibrating as they receive more e ... of the ruler before you let it go there is gravitational potential energy. This is transferred into kinetic energy when it is falling until it hits the table. When it comes into contact with the table ...

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Chemisty review on mass/matter and seperating mixtures

I -Energy- ability to do work/give of heat-3 categories: radiant- uv, infrared, sunPotential- storedKinetic- energy of motion-Measuring energy- SI unit of Joule (j) or Calorie-Calorimeter- device used ...

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All human activity counts on energy; it is nearly impossible to live without it.

rfalls and Rivers: in every waterfall there will be an electricity station, which will transfer the kinetic energy using turbines to electric energy. In the summer the ice on the top of the mountains ... be charged at home. The design will be stream lined and light. The car it self will use some of the kinetic energy to recharge itself (the battery).A fifth wheel will be doing that job by turning this ...

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Investigating the factors which effect the heating up of a liquid

iment. Changing the volume of the liquid would mean that there was more particles that need to gain kinetic energy therefore the liquid would take longer to heat up. Different liquids have different s ... d using the equationEnergy = VIT (Energy = voltage x current x time). Particles in a liquid contain kinetic energy and so they must have an average kinetic energy. Therefore -Energy is put in ¡& ...

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Basic physics of rowing

Basic Physics of Rowing1. Propulsion2. Resistance3. Kinetic Energy4. Centre of Mass5. Speed Variation6. Balance7. Levers8. Gearing9. Appendix: Newton's ... dynamic Aspects of Rowing (Virginia Tech)"h Mathematical Model (Leo Lazauskas)"h Back to Contents3. Kinetic EnergyUsing the example in section 1, a certain boat speed could be achieved whether you mov ... mass of water slowly, so long as the total momentum remained the same. However, consider the total kinetic energy U (= 0.5 x mass x velocity2) left in the system after the stroke:(3.1) U = (1/2)mbvb2 ...

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To investigate how the length of a simple pendulum affects the time for a complete swing

e swingTheoryWhen the pendulum is at the top of its swing it is momentarily stationary. It has zero kinetic energy and maximum gravitational potential energy. As the pendulum falls the potential energ ... aximum gravitational potential energy. As the pendulum falls the potential energy is transferred to kinetic energy. The speed increases as the pendulum falls and reaches a maximum at the bottom of the ...

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al physics are based on mechanical concepts - for example temperature which is a measure of average kinetic energy. When mechanics is applied on millions and millions of atoms or molecules moving and ... olecules move. A more exact definition of temperature is thattemperature is proportional to average kinetic energy[or (not necessary in IB) Ek,average = ½mv2average = 3kT/2 where m = the mass o ...

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Notes on Metabolism

s manage their energy resources[Energy is the capacity to do work; rearrange a collection of matter[Kinetic energy exists in anything that moves; light, thermal energy[Potential energy is stored energ ...

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The Periodicity of Hydrides in Groups 4 to 7

, enough energy has to be applied to break the bonds between the molecules. This energy is known as kinetic energy. Since temperature is a way of measuring kinetic energy, boiling points would have to ...

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Experiment #3: Collisions

is broken down into two parts. In part A, the aim is to assess the conservation of momentum and of kinetic energy for an elastic collision between a moving glider, which runs along a straight line on ... s.An elastic collision is defined as one in which both conservation of momentum and conservation of kinetic energy are observed. This implies that there is no dissipative force acting during the colli ...

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Lab: Momentum.

Aim:To find out whether momentum and kinetic energy are conserved.Hypothesis:Theoretically momentum should be conserved at all times wher ... ed in this situation. The momentum after the collision decreased by a factor of approx. 1.5 whereas kinetic energy has decreased by almost a factor of 4.5. Due to friction from the table and the ticke ... taken were not 100% accurate. Friction was the main cause of inaccuracy in this experiment. Kinetic energy is lost in this experiment and has been transformed into heat and sound. Anoth ...

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Erie Art Museum Review.

teen years of living in Erie. Cronin's work like "Boing!" implies little notions about art with its kinetic energy, sense of feeling, and overall fun. The lost wax process leaves a rough smooth surfac ...

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Chemistry: Notes I took in class on Heat and Energy.

Energy- the ability to do work or produce Heat*Potential*KineticPotential Energy- Energy that is stored; comes from composition or position of objectEx: Ener ... es together. Some molecules hold more energy than others.Ex: Fuels like gasolineEx: Foods like carbsKinetic Energy- Energy in motion. Kinetic energy is directly related to the constant, random motion ...

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