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Teaching listening

Teaching ListeningListening is a critical element in the competent language performance of adult second language learners, whether they are communicating at school, at ... etween supervisors and subordinates. Yet listening remains one of the least understood processes in language learning despite the recognition of the critical role it plays both in communication and in ... he recognition of the critical role it plays both in communication and in language acquisition . As language teaching has moved toward comprehension-based approaches, listening to learn has become an ...

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Outline and assess sociological arguments of changing patterns of achievement by gender.

ponse was a lot greater than any male response. This research suggests that from birth girls have a language acquisition which is naturally in place. Nevertheless this would mean that girls have alway ... relate by talking and interacting. This puts girls at an advantage because school is essentially a language experience, and most subjects require good levels of comprehension and writing skills. Alth ...

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Which Factors Determine the Differences between Adults' and Children' s Ability to Learn a Second Language?

ve to human sounds the rest of his life, there have been many hypotheses about the affect of age on language acquisition. Although some of them soon proved their validity for the first language, they ... -Hohle carried out a study on the different ability between adults and children to acquire a second language in terms of pronunciation, morphology, syntax and sentence judgement (Lightbown & Spada ...

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Explain the key theories in the field of child language acquisition.

To someone unfamiliar with the concept of child language acquisition, it would be easy to assume that the basis of learning speech is merely by the ... the duplication of vocabulary and sentence structure heard around the young child. One of the early language development studies, carried out by Skinner, concluded that the crux of linguistic developm ... as along such lines - in that children learn grammar by memorizing the words and sentences of their language. It is undeniable that a large proportion of language acquisition is attributed to such dup ...

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In the essay written by Matt Ridley, "Genome", and "A clone is Born" by Gina Kolata argue contraversial issues about the use of genes and cloning.

Matt Ridley argues in his essay, "Genome" written in 1999, that there exists a genetic basis for language acquisition. The essay, "A Clone Is Born," written by Gina Kolata, presents numerous viewpo ... ; they learn instead..." After Ridley presents this idea, he goes on to show the readers that human language owes to instincts. Noam Chomsky learned that part of the human brain comes equipped by its ...

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Describe the strategies you would use to promote speaking and listening in the primary English classroom. Make specific references to the following groups of students: ESL, bilingual or bi-dialectal.

in the primary English classroom may be approached, but where teachers follow current beliefs about language acquisition and the pivotal role of oracy and the value of individual learners, then there ... ositive self esteem and a supportive learning environment. Familiarity with the expectations of how language is coded and used in that learning environment is also vital for success." Thus there are m ...

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d is in many forms according to his book, "Term bilingualism" is typically used to describe the two languages of an individual when the focus changes to two languages in society the term often used Di ... ual when the focus changes to two languages in society the term often used Diglossia. In practice a language community is unlikely to use both languages for the same purpose.A language community is mo ...

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Plural Inflection

Acquisition of Plural Infection Language is the main vehicle by which we know about other people's thoughts. Every time we speak we ... y which we know about other people's thoughts. Every time we speak we are revealing something about language. Nonetheless, learning a first language is something most children do successfully, in a ma ... a child enters elementary school, he or she is a fluently speaker. Before children become effective language users they go thorough different language acquisition stages. Within language acquisition c ...

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Corporate Citizenship In Miami

o many obstacles stem from this population. A large low-skilled workforce, high illiteracy and slow language acquisition are common. Of the 2.1 million residents in Miami-Dade 66% are Hispanic, 21% Bl ... n area. A devastating 1/3 of all adults have not finished high school. Illiteracy, adult education, language programs in the schools are obvious concerns that need to be addressed. Miami-Dade also str ...

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Oral Language Development

Oral Language Development In Bilingual Children As children grow and develop, it is clear that there is a ... al and monolingual communities. First, the understanding of Developmental Milestones for expressive language acquisition development must be established. Expressive Language, is the ages and stages of ... t must be established. Expressive Language, is the ages and stages of learning to speak, and to use language. ?Ages and Stages? were described by Caroline Bowen (1998) and identified by Roger Brown in ...

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Education: Analysis of Language Testing

According to Brian Tomlinson (2005) in ?Testing to learn: a personal view of language testing?, the whole process of language testing is for the sake of language learning. Tests ... cators benefit from the tests.A test is the most common instrument that it is used in most forms of language learning assessment. Tomlinson is absolutely right that language testing provides many oppo ... ver, is only one of the reasons to use testing. Another important purpose is to measure a learner?s language competence. I believe that the second purpose is the main purpose of many language tests su ...

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Communicative Competence as the Aim of Foreign Language Learning

Communicative Competence as the Aim of Foreign Language LearningContents1. Introduction............................................................ ... .........................................81. IntroductionIn this paper I will discuss communicative language teaching and its aim: communicative competence. I will also reflect on the aspects of commu ... h classroom interaction.2. Communicative competenceCommunicative competence is the ability to use a language properly and suitably to achieve communication goals. The Communicative Approach in languag ...

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Synesthesia and Autism

ng speed, with each number and sum having its own shape, color and texture. He speaks ten different languages, and has recited the number Pi to 22,514 decimal places. As a child, Daniel performed at a ... ocial situations; savantism, which explains his mnemonic (memorization) skills and his penchant for language acquisition and mathematical prowess; and synesthesia, which causes him to perceive numbers ...

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The Battle to be Heard: Autism, Language, and Communication

ly common condition that affects about 5 in 10,000 individuals (Piven, 1997), and with it comes the language deficit that partially defines the condition itself. Difficulties with language use and acq ... interactions. Research has suggested a number of brain irregularities that are responsible for the language deficits, and although the irregularities cannot be corrected, some progress has been made ...

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Is Language Innate Ability or Is It Acquired Through Learning and Experience?

IntroductionThe acquisition of language in humans is a fascinating yet immensely intricate skill. Many linguists have put forth the ... forth their own theories in an attempt to explain this natural phenomenon and determine whether the language mechanism is an innate ability or whether language is developed from learning and experienc ... er language is developed from learning and experiences. This paper will discuss the following three language acquistion theories in detail: the behaviorist interpretation, the linguistic interpretatio ...

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Education Degree - Language Acquisition Theories - Comparing

Language Acquisition TheoriesLanguage acquisition is one of the most widely used concepts in the are ... s. .Psychological and linguistic thinking have profoundly influenced one another and the outcome of language acquisition theories alike. Several theories have been proposed to examine the concept of l ... concept of language acquisition .They are the Behaviourist, Innatist and Interactionist Theories of language which are used in studying children's development because they provide an organizing struct ...

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Early Childhood Language Acquistiion in Deaf Children

LANGUAGE ACQUISTIION AND DEAFNESSAssignment 1INTRODUCTIONThe first 0 - 4 years are the most importan ... to crawl, sit, stand, walk or talk without being shown or forced to do so. However, with regard to language acquisition, according to the 'Behaviourist' Perception (B.F. Skinner) children learn throu ... ioning' that is through imitation" Singleton, D (1989:122) and habit development forms the basis of language acquisition.On the other hand the 'Nativist' approach (N. Chomsky) contradicts this line of ...

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hello, welcome to the group.

Relevant theories and related litTheories of Language AcquisitionThe nature vs. nurture debate extends to the topic of language acquisition. Toda ... nguage acquisition. Today, most researchers acknowledge that both nature and nurture play a role in language acquisition. However, some researchers emphasize the influences of learning on language acq ... ces of learning on language acquisition, while others emphasize the biological influences.Receptive Language before Expressive LanguageChildren's ability to understand language develops faster than th ...

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The variety of approaches and techniques in teaching vocabulary

extensively studied, although nowadays so little importance has been given to vocabulary in modern language teaching.Various scientific paradigms, trends and methods of teaching have been developed a ... term "vocabulary" is defined differently. According to Morris vocabulary refers to "every word in a language that is used for making understanding especially between persons. Vocabulary is the list of ...

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Problems of English language studying

What are some problems of studying of English language?How can they be solved?There is an undoubted fact that in the present days English is the u ... ermost language for international communication. Nevertheless, there are issues of learning foreign languages and English in particular. Obviously, some people can acquire necessary knowledge very qui ... ity that, as rule, the majority of educational establishment provide such techniques of teaching of languages which contradict to methods prompted by natural development of communication skills. To il ...

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