Problems of English language studying

Essay by dratsky February 2014

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What are some problems of studying of English language?

How can they be solved?

There is an undoubted fact that in the present days English is the uppermost language for international communication. Nevertheless, there are issues of learning foreign languages and English in particular. Obviously, some people can acquire necessary knowledge very quickly, however, others have to spend years to obtain the elementary skills. This essay will examine the reasons why it is occurring and discuss some possible solutions.

The first and foremost it could be connected with the actuality that, as rule, the majority of educational establishment provide such techniques of teaching of languages which contradict to methods prompted by natural development of communication skills. To illustrate, in accordance with the natural way, a infant originally learns to listen and understand human speech, then he begins to speak on the native language, and only then, after a few years, he acquires such necessary practices as reading and writing, and nobody can argue against it.

However, as usual, the training programs and courses in schools and universities offer at first learn the alphabet and develop mainly reading and translation, but such significant elements as linguaphone exercise and dialogues are relegated to second place. As a result of this tendency some people have to diddle extra retraining time, as well as, sometimes it is necessary to correct some of the skills, especially speaking and pronunciation.

Another serious factor is the plenty of various doubtful but widely advertised schools and courses which guarantee rapid language acquisition. There is not surprising that sometimes it is difficult enough to resist the temptation of advertisement and do not yield to accept such suggestions as the "English on a sofa" or "Any language in fortnight". In the final analysis, such experiments lead to ridiculous waste...