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Modern Welding Processes

Laser Welding:Introduction:Laser Beam Welding (LBW) is a modern welding process; it is a high energy ... ate the welding processes has also caused to the expansion in using high technology like the use of laser and computers to improve the product quality through more accurate control of welding processe ... ctric arc welding processes is in the mode of energy transfer. Unlike electric arc energy transfer, laser energy absorption by a material is affected by many factors like the type of the laser, the in ...

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Operation of a laser printer.

the host PC creates bitmap, which writes it directly to the printer's memory. In the center of the laser printer there is a small rotating drum, called the organic photo-conducting cartridge. It has ... d an electrostatic charge. To begin with the drum is given a total positive charge. Subsequently, a laser beam scans across the surface of the drum, selectively imparting points of negative charge ont ...

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Modern Communication - Fiber Optics.

The best way to communicate over long distance is using lasers sent through optical fibers. A laser beam is electromagnetic radiation of a single wavelength ... s, the electrical signals that start out over cooper wires are changed into pulses of light by tiny lasers. The signals then can travel over long distances. Optical fibers are smaller than the traditi ... in hand-held light toys which function on the same concept as the ones that carry electronic info. Laser beams sent through optical fibers is a very positive addition to the communication empire.

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Press Release: InstraTravels

ery first development of human teleportation. While the California Institute of Technology revealed laser beam transportation was possible, 40 labs throughout the world attempting to perform the same ...

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How I Wish I Spent My Summer Vacation

-The President and I duel with our extreme calculator/hover-board/microwave/air mattress/compass/laser-beam/laptopOver summer vacation, I received a laptop. It wasn't just any laptop. This laptop c ... man. It has a built in calculator, CD drive, hover-board, microwave, blow-up air mattress, compass, laser-beam, and most important of all, it can read people's minds! I just ride around, on my floatin ...

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Holographic Technology

technology involves true 3-D recording of information. The principal system components consist of a laser, a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM), storage media, detector and transform optics. Fig. 1 illustr ... ata) using a SLM, a device that acts as a collection of independent "light valves." For read out, a laser beam equivalent to the reference beam is projected onto the recorded interference pattern in t ...

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