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Drawing on both expectancy and equity theory, identify and discuss the main factors that are likely to influence the effectiveness of performance-related pay schemes in organisations.

linked to a single author (Mullins, 427). One of the recent approaches is associated with Peter and Lawler. They argued that effort does not directly leads to performance, but mediated by such factors ... a fair rate of pay, is another endless quest for the Holy Grail in organisational theory. Porter an Lawler emphasised that the expectancy theory is just a framework of requirements for motivational st ...

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Discuss how Summer of the Seventeenth Doll's playwright, Ray Lawler, managed to engage your interest through the development of tension in The Doll?

working class Melbourne household. One of the reasons that the play was such a success was because Lawler, the playwright, was able to hold the interest of the audience throughout the play. He manage ... ion created tension. The tension builds in each act of the play. The conflicts and tensions between Lawler's characters keep the audience's attention. This essay will discuss how the change in status ...

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How are intrinsic rewards used to motivate?

n. The most interesting examples are expectancy-based models by Vroom and more important Porter and Lawler, which will be explained in detailed later on. Expectancy theory is based on the assumption t ... , the perception of what people think will happen after they put effort into their work. Porter and Lawler have adopted Vroom's model and put more importance into the factor of performance. They sugge ...

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Increasing job satisfaction is important for its humanitarian value and for its financial benefit (due to its effect on employee behavior.)

onHave higher retention rates, and more productiveFor the purpose of our work, we follow Porter and Lawler and define job satisfaction as people's affective (emotional) response to their current job c ...

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Leslie Norman's film adaption of "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll" explored the issues that the original playwright, Ray Lawler, dealt with so poignantly in his play. Agree/Disagree

Leslie Norman's adaption of Lawler's highly acclaimed "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll" fails to explore the in-depth issues that ... red and clastruphobic effect. This setting adds to the atmosphere of the exaserbating tensions that Lawler captures throughout the play.In contrast, Norman sets most of his film outside the house, eit ... akdown.In the scene of the play that shows the characters "attempting" to celebrate New Year's Eve, Lawler gives insight to the feelings of loss from Olive, Roo and Barney through Pearl's cynical comm ...

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Management styles

differences in conversion (learning) processes. (Oakland 2001)Elements of Co-productionDrawing from Lawler's (1992) work with high-involvement firms, we identified three aspects of co-production that ...

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Performance Apraisal

rincipal activities of the performance appraisal cycle were identified by Mohrman, Resnick-West and Lawler (1989). Illustrated in figure below:Figure The performance appraisal cycleSource: Mohrman, Re ... lustrated in figure below:Figure The performance appraisal cycleSource: Mohrman, Resnick-West & Lawler (1989)A performance appraisal contains three steps: define the job, appraise performance, and ...

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Evaluation of Study Group in University. Our professor wanted us to focus on issues faced while working in groups in university.

ves in groups, in the workplace, in families, among friends, in neighbourhoods, and in communities (Lawler, E. J., 2005). Therefore, it is important to understand the group dynamics of diverse groups ... e also a source of negative consequences such as exclusion, injustice discrimination, and violence (Lawler, E. J., 2005). A conflict may promote collaborative relations and unity or discrimination and ...

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High Involvement Management

High Involvement ManagementHigh involvement management is a term coined by Ed Lawler for an approach to management centered on employee involvement. It entails providing employee ... loyee participation in higherlevel decisions.Conceptual OverviewHigh involvement management is, for Lawler, distinctive precisely because it includes organization-level empowerment and goes beyond a n ... to contribute to those goals, and be rewarded for using their skills to promote them. Consequently, Lawler's high involvement management model has four dimensions, respectively termed power, informati ...

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