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Biology A level planning experiment of effect of lead ions on amylase

s and substances requiredTest tube holder 2% starch solution6 boiling tubes labelled 1 to 6 1% lead nitrate solution6 test tubes labelled A to E, ( F) Dimple tiles5 test tubes labelled A1, B2, C3, D4, ... of 1% Amylase solution. In the remaining 6 test tubes add the different concentrations of the lead nitrate solution as shown below in their corresponding test tubes.All concentrations are achieved by ...

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L.A.T - Patterns of Reactivity

out by using a magnet.How to find out if a metal is CopperCopper can be found by adding it to lead nitrate. By adding copper to lead nitrate, there will be no chemical reaction taking place because c ... chemical reaction taking place because copper is below lead in the reactivity series.Copper + Lead Nitrate → Copper + Lead NitrateCu + Pb(NO3)2 → Cu + Pb(NO3)2How to find out if a metal is ...

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mass conservation

on is always equal to the mass of the reactants.The reaction between potassium iodide and lead (II) nitrate under room temperature and atmospheric pressure results with a yellow precipitate. This reac ... --1±0.001gPotassium iodide solution0.5 mol/dm3100 mLIrrelevantLead (II) nitrate solution0.5 mol/dm3100 mLIrrelevantGlass rod20 cm1IrrelevantMETHODWea ...

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lution, invertase works well in the given pH and temperature.Materials and apparatus:10mM lead (II) nitrate10mM silver nitrate50g/L sucrose solution0.03g/L invertase solutionBenedict's solution6 test ... tubesMeasuring cylinder1 beakerBunsen BurnerTripodWire gauzeHeat-proof mat�ProceduresSilver nitrate0.5mL of silver nitrate solution is added to 1mL of sucrose solution and the test tube is lab ...

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