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Examines the effects of pets on child development along with the pros and cons of a household pet on children.

ets as humane educators is more visible and pets can aide children with problems effectively. Boris Levinson, a psychologist, did extensive research on pet physchotherapy.4Levinson is a firm believer ... py.4Levinson is a firm believer in the need of love objects for the molding of well-rounded people (Levinson, 1968). Disturbed children are in much need of generous amounts of cuddling and love and af ...

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Levinsons Seasons of Man

IntroductionBackgroundIn May of 1977, Daniel Levinson constructed a model of the season's of a mans life. His developmental theory consists of un ... l development theory or Piaget's cognitive development theory, end in the adolescent stage of life. Levinson's stage theory is important because it goes beyond most theories assuming that development ... tant because it goes beyond most theories assuming that development continues throughout adult life.Levinson based his model on biographical interviews of 40 American men. These 40 men were between 35 ...

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Managing Change in Merger or Acquisition.

In this paper, we shall take a look at the change category and the strategy for dealing this issue.Levinson (1976) points out that according to psychoanalytic theory, our identities stem from those p ... viors from the employee based on the way the individual works. The process is called reciprocation (Levinson, 1976). . These expectations are called psychological contracts. Psychological contracts ha ...

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rgin.- Then Genentech paid a $50 million fine, and it couldn't tackle all areas of medicine, due to Levinson was under federal criminal investigation which was not yet approved by the FDA.Opportunitie ... concerns Genentech lost opportunity to develop its products due to Genentech's accountants refused Levinson's idea, which was tried making the drug in mammal cells, but eventually mammalian-cell beca ...

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ArticlesLife After Outsourcing by Meredith LevinsonMay 15, 2004 Issue of CIO MagazineHow to Outsource-Proof Your IT DepartmentA New Game Plan b ... dedicated to the subject from November 2004.The first article "Life After Outsourcing" by Meredith Levinson explores the effect of outsourcing at Nextel Communication. Nextel had posted a $1.8 billio ...

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Presupposition in Semantics

matics to describe a relation between a speaker and the appropriateness of a sentence in a context (Levinson: 177). Hence, presupposition can be distinguished into two categories: semantic presupposit ... ns of S0 = the presuppositions of S1 + the presuppositions of S2 . . . + the presuppositions of Sn (Levinson: 191). For example,S0: John stopped accusing Mary of beating her husband.S1: John accused M ...

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What should the teacher know before meeting his/her learners.

thin the classroom could be seen as an attack on the learners negative face thus being as Brown and Levinson (1987) suggest as a face-threatening act.-It may also help the teacher to know of the learn ...

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Organizational Knowledge, and Learning Affected by Organizational Management

decision, it is what ensures that problems are solved efficiently and decisions are made correctly (Levinson, 2008). Organizational learning is a process that enables individuals to create, discover, ... m Wisdom Quotes: Quotations to inspire and challenge:, M. (2008). ABC: An Introduction to Knowldge Management. Retrieved April 14, 2008, from Bus ...

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Portrait of an Adult Mid-Life

terview was focused, menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and fifty.Developmental Theory: Daniel LevinsonLevinson's (1977) developmental theory consists of universal stages or phases that extend fr ... l development theory or Piaget's cognitive development theory, end in the adolescent stage of life. Levinson's stage theory is important because it goes beyond most theories assuming that development ...

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Research and Effective Teaching

of young military members, normally seventeen to twenty-one years of age. They fall completely into Levinson's description of the early adult transition era of development. This development is made up ...

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Social Technical Theory in Knowledge Management

n itself; without an overarching business context, KM is meaningless at best and harmful at worst" (Levinson, 2007). Levinson also talks about how organizations must be willing to toss out extraneous ... s information, recognize valuable information, and realize that "not all information is valuable". (Levinson, 2007)The position of knowledge management traffic cop is key to the rate at which an organ ...

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Personal Case Studies

f values and performances in the workplace. Likewise, the adulthood transition will focus on Daniel Levinson Early Adult Transition period and Barbara Barron-Tieger's Personality Typing.SynopsisThe fo ... the next stage of Joseph's adulthood development as it relates to roles and choices for his future. Levinson believes that it is during this time the young person dreams of his future success, family ...

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Juvenile Rights

t at seventeen and the remaining thirty eight states set the age limit at ones eighteenth birthday"(Levinson, 2002, p. 34).In addition to the acts that would be crimes if committed by an adult, juveni ... them back on the right foot so they can become a law abiding, prosperous citizen.�ReferencesLevinson, D. (Ed.) (Eds.). (2002). Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks CA. ...

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