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Expository Essay - The Old Man and the Sea

Everyone has an arch enemy. Batman had the Joker, Superman had Lex Luthor. But without their enemies, they would be unimportant, just like anyone else. One could s ...

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t's why he's my American hero.He isn't a super hero like Superman and he's not a super villain like Lex Luther, either. He doesn't have any super powers nor can he fly, but he's a super hero to me bec ...

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An example of how to write an assessment report

nventive but at the same time extremely level-headed whenever needed. In addition, he is also very flexible, which he demonstrated on several occasions when adjusting to unfamiliar work procedures. Fu ...

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Three Super Things I learned from SuperMan

have an impact on the society. Whatever God has given you is enough. My best example here would be Luthor. He ain't superman but he was able to threaten the whole world with his genuis. He was actual ... as actually so powerful that he almost killed superman. The next example would be the girlfriend of Luthor. She had no genuis comparable to that of Luthor or strength to match that of superman. But sh ...

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Graphic Novel: Kingdom Come

Graphic Novel: Kingdom Come The graphic novel I chose to write about is Kingdom Come #1 by Alex Ross and Mark Waid. The story is loosely about an apocalyptic future that involves groups of sup ... ld Bruce Wayne from the first frame is facing the bald man from the second frame (who happens to be Lex Luthor). They are both standing up near the table. Bruce is facing directly at the bald man and ...

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economy blondie

icating the money. Blondie began to use her laser vision to destroy it, but Ginger and her new beau Lex Luther had joined forces and had lined the town square with mirrors to deflect Economy Blondie's ... wn square with mirrors to deflect Economy Blondie's laser beam vision. In Blondie's weakened state, Lex Luther managed to abduct her taking her to the bank vault. Lex tied her up and set a bomb on the ...

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