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A Personal Poltical Profile.

candidate and voted according to their beliefs, then I must have some ideologies and that led me to liberalism. Liberalism is the type of ideology I can relate to the most because ideologies are consi ... he most because ideologies are considered to be value-laden belief systems and my reasons for being liberal are based on the values of freedom, which relates to the beliefs of liberalism.Liberalism be ...

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A Vote is a Vote: A Plea for Proportional Representation

of unfair party representation. For example, in Prince Edward Island in 1993, Catherine Callbeck's Liberal party won 97% of seats (31 of 32) with a mere 55% of the vote. This left 40 % of the voters ... ection the Conservatives formed the government with 36% of the votes and earned 136 seats while the liberals won 40 % of votes but only 114 seats. This is an obvious injustice and a blunt indication t ...

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More Newspaper Articles 1900.

e established in the United states.1900 Federal Election.This year the federal election went to the Liberal Party of Canada. Sir Wilfred Laurier and the liberals took there second straight majority go ... nionist party who received 3 seats and the independent party who received just one measly seat. The liberal party gained a majority of Quebec voters due to the fact that his French relations were exce ...

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Government Involvment In Economics

tion, government business and control of boom bust cycles. How has this system faired? Consider the Liberal Party of Canada since its election in 1992. This political government is demand side governm ... t has programs setup such as welfare and universal health care. Yet, a government that is so "˜liberal' with its spending money has created horrible abuses of the system. People can receive welfa ...

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The Sponsorship Scandal

1990, Lucien Bouchard, then a federal Progressive Conservative cabinet minister, led a coalition of Liberal and Progressive Conservative members of parliament to form a new federal party devoted to se ... upaction Marketing Inc. and the entire sponsorship scandal in general, represent the failure of the Liberal government with reference to their ethical responsibilities to Parliament and through it, to ...

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MP and constituency report on Stephane Dion

ty.Dion’s academic and political skills led him to be elected to the Canadian Parliament, as a liberal, in 1996. Mr. Dion also served as Foreign Affairs Critic in Interim Leader Bill Graham’ ... erved as Foreign Affairs Critic in Interim Leader Bill Graham’s shadow cabinet before becoming liberal leader. He then served as minister of the environment from 2004 to 2006 under Paul Martin. F ...

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